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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Apparently Roaches Bathe Too

Blog 9-28

I just had a bit of drama with a roach in the shower. This was my first bug encounter in the shower. This is a bit surprising since our shower is not attached to our house and is through a door in our laundry area. It is probably bug central. Tonight I was about to get into the shower and there was a big roach sitting there and smirking at me. Luckily I was still fully clothed because I don’t know about you but I always feel more vulnerable battling insects in the buff. I first thought to spray it with the shower head. He flipped on his back and seemed pissed but nowhere close to being dead. I sprayed him for a while when I realized that he was too big to fit down our drain and that no matter what, I would have to touch him to remove him from the shower. I stopped spraying him and despite being a bit soggy, he sprang back into action and climbed the sides of the tub. It was time for plan B. I got a dryer sheet and tried to smush him but I was not forceful enough and he just crawled on the dryer sheet. I shrieked and dropped the sheet and roach who now smelled Garden Fresh. I debated calling Jonathan into the bathroom to kill it but then I came up with a frighteningly unoriginal idea. Kill it with my sandal. So, I smooshed him with my sandal and scooped him into the trash. I was then able to have a lovely shower.

This morning we had staff intercession. This is a time to pray about a variety of subjects. Today they officially told us about the situation with the Bangladesh team. My DTS friend, Gena arrives tomorrow morning with the three students who are being sent home. She was supposed to be in our house but now she is going to be in the other girls’ staff house. I wish she was living in our house. The three girls from her team will be living in our house for four days until they go home. I have never met them and I fear it will be awkward since they made my friend, Gena, sad. I will try to be nice. Sherry and I are going with an ex-YWAMer, Carrie, to pick Gena up in the morning.

I went shopping with the hospitality girls for housing supplies. My boss, Kristy was supposed to come but she remembered at the last minute that she had to work at the coffee shop. This meant I was left alone to shop for our department. I had like $75 to work with and was told to buy toilet paper and kitchen garbage bags. The toilet paper costs $50 and they were out of kitchen bags so I had to think outside the box. I ended up getting toilet cleaner, sponges and Comet. Talk about some fun purchases! I stayed within my budget so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.

In the afternoon, I had my first growth group meeting. It is like a small group. Mine is for new staff and includes me, Calla and Amy. We are led by Trina, who is a member of the leadership team. It was a good time and we all seem to be on the same page with our struggles. I think it will be good.

Here is the latest news on my sports teams. Some random girl who moved here from Oregon called me to ask about joining my basketball team. Apparently the league had given her my number. She mentioned in her message that she is six feet tall. She could be two feet tall and I wouldn’t care. I just want to have five players so I don’t have to forfeit. I cannot be at the first game because of my bro’s wedding so I need all the players I can get. I am afraid that this girl is really good and will be frustrated by our wide variety of skill. I tried to warn her, but I am not sure. There seems to be a lot of interest in co-ed volleyball. I will be missing the first game of that as well for my brother’s wedding.

Tonight I went to Borders. I worked on the proposal for the book I am writing about weddings. I am almost done with the proposal. I just want to do a little more editing. I hope to have it ready to send in a week when I go home. I am not sure if the publishing company will even be interested, but it would be really cool. Lately I am seriously considering writing as a possible career or at least something to do along side another job.

One final thing- There is a guy here named Jorry from Papua New Guinea. He is attending our SBFM school. I, unfortunately have not had much of a chance to talk to him. I do keep hearing funny stories about him. One day, this guy, Dan announced that we should not compliment Jorry about things he has. He showed a bracelet he was wearing and said that he had said he liked it so Jorry gave it to him. Apparently in his country, if someone likes something you have, you just give it to them. That really makes me think about how I am not like that. I think it is so cool that Jorry’s country has such a giving lifestyle. We could all benefit from being more like Jorry, I think.

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