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Monday, September 26, 2005

YWAM Wolverines

Blog 9-26

Yesterday I went to my church for the first time. I had been going on Friday nights to a church with some of my friends. I agreed to lead a church group, which means I am the liaison between the pastor and the four students who come to my church with me. We go to Pukalani Nazarene or “Pukanaz” (Poo-ka Naz) for short. I had never attended this church before. We ride in a van with Matt’s group, Waipuna Chapel. The churches start at different times so we have over an hour to kill before our service starts. Luckily there is a shopping center with a McDonald’s, Starbucks and grocery store. During DTS we had to wait an hour in the parking lot with only an unwelcoming convenience store to seek refuge in. I am excited to get to know these students better. We will probably be helping with the Sunday school program, but I am not sure.

After church, I attempted to go on a bike ride. I say attempted because after I had gone around three miles, I got a flat tire. My dad had sent me a little bag to put on my bike in which to keep spare tubes for my tires. I had put the bag on my bike but I had not purchased the tubes yet. Not the smartest move! I had to walk my bike back three miles. This is my second unsuccessful bike experience here. I did find some cool trails near the airport so I have not given up. I will ride again but only with spare tubes.

After my long walk home, some of the girls and I went to go see the new Reese Witherspoon movie. I forget what it is called but I know Heaven is in the title. It had Jon Heder aka Napoleon Dynamite. He is one funny Mormon. The movie was good in a cheesy romantic comedy-type way. It was fun to hang out with some of the girls. I was going to drive but my car wouldn’t start. With this and the bike trouble, it seemed like all my toys were breaking. Today, I found out that one of the DTS boys, Billy, is very handy with cars. He fixed a staff guy’s truck with a quarter. They drilled a hole through it and connected it with cables and the car worked. This guy has serious skills. I had him check out my car and he said something was loose. He fixed it and now it works. Hooray for Billy. I am so glad he is around.

After dinner, I went down to the beach to play basketball. A lot of guy YWAMers go play on Sunday nights. I had never played before. It was pretty fun. I was no star but I had fun. I at least held my own. During the last few games, some random guy played with us. I was not a fan of him. He was playing dirty. When one of my teammates had the ball, he held my arms so I couldn’t get away. He kind of grabbed my boob too but I am not sure if it was on purpose. He also made me totally eat it in the middle of the court. Needless to say, this guy is not my new best friend.

Last night we watched Son in Law. I forgot how good that movie is. I watched about once a week for a time during my childhood. It felt like when you listen to an old song and can sing all the lyrics even though you didn’t think you could remember. I kept remembering little parts before they would happen. It was good.

I feel like I don’t get to see Sherry very much. She was feeling the same way and called my cell phone from our house while I was in the shower. I think we are going to hang out with our DTS friend, Cherish tomorrow. That should be good. I like Sherry so much and it is a shame that the majority of our time together lately is when we are both about to go to sleep.

I just found out that we will be able to have a co-ed volleyball team as well as our girls’ basketball team. The team name is the YWAM wolverines. We start the first week in October. I am excited.

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