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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Padded Biker Shorts and Steve Urkel Tees

Blog 9-22

I am getting a bit nervous about the whole Houston hurricane thing. I feel really helpless out here. Most of my friends’ parents have left and my parents are sequestering themselves in their supposedly safe three-story town home. My grandparents are there as well as my parents’ friend, Vic, his dog and his fancy bicycles. Pray that all get along if they end up without power and flooded streets for any amount of time.

Enough hurricane talk. It makes me sad. Today we had one of the high up guys in YWAM talk to us about what was going on with YWAM in a large scale. It was actually pretty interesting. The speaker is a guy named Danny Lehman, made famous by revealing the evangecube to me during my DTS. If you are unfamiliar with the evanecube, see my previous post. I tried to see if he had his trusty belt-clip evangecube holder with him but unfortunately my efforts were thwarted by his un-tucked shirt.

Possibly the most interesting part of the morning came at the end of his prayer after he spoke. He asked God to give us strength as Vince and Lesa phased out. Vince is our current base director and Lesa is his wife who does a lot of stuff on base as well. They have been on a hiatus for a few months. When they left, they never said they would not been returning. Danny Lehman definitely made it sound like they would not be coming back. I think we were all in shock about this. He asked if there were any questions not meaning to open the floor for questions about Vince and Lesa’s return. One girl totally brought it up and asked if Vince and Lesa were coming back. Danny said that Vince would be talking to us October 3rd. I am so intrigued. I don’t know what will happen. The base seems to be running fine without them. Hmm…

After the meeting, I drove a couple of girls to the Dakine factory. Amy needed to get a board bag. I got racks for my car. Dakine has tons of quality stuff and they give discounts to YWAMers. So, buy Dakine. They are a good company. And when I started my car, it worked without doing anything out of the ordinary. Yay! I hope it is permanently fixed.

After lunch, Kristy and I took our five housing girls on a tour of the base houses so they know where to go to distribute the toilet paper and stuff. Kristy and I are thinking about making the bathroom near our chapel and office’s our renovating project. That place is a pit. The floor has tile that is peeling off the floor and half the floor is just dusty wood planks. The paint is nasty and the whole room is claustrophobic. I hope we can make this transformation happen.

After dinner, Brittany and I went to a meeting about our basketball league. Our team is called the Born Again Ballers. I decided at the last minute. I think the league is pretty competitive and most of the players I think will be high school girls. Fun times. I am excited even though we probably won’t do much winning.

Tonight my roomies and I did Pilates again. I still suck at it but maybe I will get buff. I will keep you all posted on my fitness factor. Tonight I did Pilates wearing a sweat band and my Steve Urkel t-shirt. Later I put on my padded biker shorts and fluffed my cloud hair up. I think I frightened my housemates a bit. Good stuff. I finally got the package my parents sent me. It included a lot of bike stuff so I have no excuse not to ride. I need to find a low wind route so I don’t die like last time.

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