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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Giant Evangecube

Blog 9-20

Last night we did Pilates in our living room. This was my second time doing Pilates and I pretty much suck at it. The girls I was doing it with had a bit of a flatulence problem. To preserve their anonymity I will call them J. Westberg or Jess W. and S. Schulz or Sherry S. It made doing the awkward posing difficult because of the laughing. I am going to try to do this more often so maybe I can get really buff. Knowing me, I will never do it again.

Today I spent pretty much all day setting up for the Love Feast. It was the housing department and Hospitality department’s job to set up. We moved chairs out of the church where we were having it. Then we set up chairs and tables so we could feast later. One of the girls knows how to make pretty napkin art. We made lovely place settings with the folded napkins. Good times.

We had KFC for lunch and I found out that KFC’s in Canada don’t serve biscuits. This just doesn’t make sense. The Canadians I was with kept trying to claim that the Canadian KFC was better. I find this hard to swallow. Why would a Kentucky Fried Chicken be better in a country other than America. This is preposterous. Colonel Sanders was a proud American. I seriously doubt that Canadians have found a way to improve upon the Colonel’s secret recipe. I may have to go to Canada to find out.

I made a very exciting discovery in a downstairs room at the church. A giant evangecube. For those of you unfamiliar with the evangecube, I will explain. It is this frightening gimmicky evangelism tool. It is a ruik’s cube type device that can be folded into different scenes of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is cheesy to the max. I apologize if any of you utilize this tool. We had a speaker during our DTS who loved these evangecubes. He even had a special belt-clip holder thing for his precious evangecube. The average evangecube is about the size of a rubik’s cube. The evangecube I found at church was as big as my head. This thing was amazing! I took many pictures with it that I will soon be posting on my website.

On the way to set up for love feast, Kristy and I rode up in the maintenance van. I know that many of you may think that riding in a maintenance van sounds very luxurious. You are mistaken. The van is rusty and dirty and the only two seats inside are the driver’s and passenger’s. Jonathan suggested that Kristy and I get the green plastic lawn chairs that we eat our meals in and sit on them inside the van. This way we wouldn’t have to sit on the nasty corroded floor. I was facing backwards behind the passenger’s seat and Kristy was facing forwards towards me. We slipped and slid around a bit as the van climbed the road up the volcano. It was a twenty minute ride to the church on a winding road so there was quite a bit of sliding. The worst was when Jonathan stopped the van abruptly and Kristy literally flew into my lap. Luckily I instinctively crossed my arms to protect my melons. Her shoulder ended up smashing my neck. The whole incident was more funny than painful.

At Love feast, the food was so good. The fruit salad was a lot like heaven. I was serving the Caesar salad next to the fruit salad. I kept picking fruit out of the bowl and eating it. Not very sanitary. I filled my plate up with fruit, a little bit of meat and mashed potatoes. The students were so hungry after three days of Ramen noodles and grits. They also smelled terrible. They were not allowed to bring deodorant so after hiking and being outside for three days, they reeked. They didn’t smell half as bad as Iggy, the hippie basketball man, though. After dinner, the staff washed the students’ feet. It was a powerful gesture since they all felt so filthy. I tried not to inhale. I got really confused when Sherry came to me with a bucket of water. Apparently they were washing the feet of the new staff as well. I definitely was not prepared but it was cool. She washed my feet and then prayed for me.

I am supposed to pick up my car tomorrow. The mechanic guy at Eddie Boys said he replaced a transmission filter and the car seems to be fine. I hope this fixes the problem. I hear new transmissions are very pricey. Keep praying.

I hear a hurricane might be coming to H-town. No good. Although I heard my alma mater, Clear Lake High School is closed for the week. I know I would be super-excited if I was in high school. I will be praying for all my Houston friends. Keep me posted on how all of you are.

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