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Monday, September 12, 2005

Old wrinkly cheeks, not the kind on your face

09-12 Blog

Gas just shot up to $3.96 today! This is killing my bank account and my soul. I am going to try not to use my car frivolously.

Yesterday I was feeling lazy and a bit anti-social. I had already gone to church on Friday night so I spent Sunday morning doing laundry and reading various magazines about the crisis in New Orleans. Heavy stuff! Several of my housemates invited me to do stuff with them but I was not in the mood. I needed some alone time.

I walked about a mile to a beach just outside of town. I went the route that takes you by this little nude beach. Normally there isn’t anyone partaking in this semi-sanctioned nakedness. Apparently Sundays are a popular time for nude frolicking. I saw at least four naked middle-aged to borderline elderly men. Fortunately I only got a back view of one of them before I figured out what was going down. Seeing one saggy old butt was enough for me so I looking away from the ocean after that.

I got to my desired non-nude beach location. Unfortunately the sand was blowing like crazy. I tried to choose a spot that was sheltered from the biting swirling sand but to no avail. In fact, the spot I chose seemed to be where the wind was the worst and I was covered in sand in the first five minutes. I had intended to read and pray but the sand thwarted my good intentions. I only stayed for about half an hour. On the way back I made sure to take a route that did not involve an old guy peep show.

Then I went to Borders. I don’t know if all of you know, but I am attempting to write a book. It is about weddings. I wrote a lot at first and lately I have been getting into it again. I don’t know if anything will ever come of it but that would be awesome if something did. Right now I am looking into everything you need to do to get published. I spent some time at Borders researching.

Today I cleaned the house where the guests and speakers stay. I think my housekeeping skills are improving. Then my boss and I hunted for fitted sheets. Each mattress on base is supposed to have one and we are like ten short. Since our budget is minuscule, we will have to get a bit creative to make this happen.

Today we also had staff fellowship. This is a staff meeting with treats and socializing at the end. It went pretty well. I am super-tired today so I am going to go take a nap. I hear rumors that surf is coming so I may get to see how I do with my new board. Yay.

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