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Saturday, September 03, 2005

We are air condition

9-2 Blog

It is so hot here lately. There is a nice breeze most of the time but it is still a bit stifling. I think it won’t be as bad when I get used to it. It is just a lot different having hot weather with no air conditioning. One of the restaurants in my town has a sign that reads, “We are air condition.”

My little boss-type person is not the most organized woman in the world so I have not had much to do in the mornings. I drove in to Kahului (Ka-hu-loo-ee) today. This is the town with the Wal-Mart, Big K and other national chains. It is only 7 miles away. I was looking for a pawn shop but I really should have looked for one on the internet first because I never found one. I am looking to get a bike. It is good exercise. I don’t want a cheap Wal-Mart bike because I have become a bit of a bike snob after riding in the MS150. I figure a pawn shop is where I will find a nice bike for a cheaper price, that is of course, if I ever find a pawn shop.

This morning we had base worship. This is where all the YWAMers on base get together to praise the BIG GUY. It was so good and refreshing. YWAM has amazing worship always. Then I had some much needed God time on the beach a few yards away from some hippie guys smoking pot and playing with their dogs.

Last night I decided to finally do something athletic and played basketball down at the court by the beach. I schooled a middle-aged man named Jeff at a game of horse. Then as I was walking up the street I noticed that there were police cars and a big yellow fire truck blocking off the road to my house. I found out that there had been a bomb threat at the health food store. I don’t know who would take that kind of threat seriously. As if some hippie would bomb the health food store. I doubt it very highly. Does Maui even have a bomb squad? It’s probably just two old guys in shiny silver suits and they probably have to fly in from Honolulu anyway. I managed to get by the road block on foot. I think they were afraid to stop the sweaty girl with a basketball. After I passed, they stopped letting anyone walk by. I think the road was blocked for about an hour. As far as I know, no bomb of any kind was found. Pretty funny overall.

Then Sherry, Jonathan and I were going to watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It is this movie by Tyler Perry, who I learned about through my Young Life kids. Tyler Perry makes these plays about black America that sell-out all over the country. They are an interesting mix of the ills of society and the Christian world. It is pretty cool. This is his first movie and I really wanted to see it. But our plans were foiled. It turns out that the girl who had it had already loaned it away.

We ended up sitting around and then Sherry and I ended up going to town as an excuse to use my car. We went to the grocery store and made a very thorough shopping trip. We were acting as if we had never been to a grocery store before. I don’t know what our deal was. Hawaii grocery stores do have some weird stuff that you don’t see everywhere. We saw some freeze dried squid. No thanks. There is definitely a huge Asian influence here. After Sherry and I painstakingly debated our purchases, we checked out and returned home.

I don’t quite feel at home yet where I live. Maui feels like home but I still feel like a guest in Harper’s, where I live. I think after I have been here a bit longer, that will come too. I am excited about my two years here but at this point I am pretty sure I won’t stay here longer than that. Some YWAMers will come back and just live and work on the island. I don’t think that is for me. I need to live in Texas among the longhorns and bluebonnets- hehe cheesy. I realize, however, that I could change my mind after two years. We will see.

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