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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Red Alert- Toilet Paper Shortage

Blog 9-21

As I am writing this I feel super-tired so this may be not be up to my normal witty blog standards. I apologize ahead of time. I think part of why I am feeling so drained is that I keep checking on Hurricane Rita and seeing that it is heading straight for the majority of my loved ones. Not cool at all. New Orleans was upsetting to me but this is my home. Yuck. My parents don’t seem too scared and are planning to wait it out in their downtown Houston townhouse. The real worry is that my parents and grandparents don’t kill each other. If there is serious rainfall of any kind, the major roads by their house will flood and become impassable. This means that could be sequestered in their home for quite a while, possibly with no power.

On a lighter note, this hurricane talk is allowing our family cat to live a little longer. Whiskers is not doing so hot. He is about fifteen years old and at this point, essentially a bag of bones. He has been skipping meals so my mom was going to have him put to sleep. But the vets are not open so Whiskers as my dad likes to say, “gets a reprieve.” My dad keeps yelling “Dead cat walking,” when Whiskers walks by. Pretty funny. I don’t have much love for the old Siamese devil so I can’t get too sad about the situation. Now Frisky, that was a good cat!

Today Kristy and I went shopping for housing supplies. Unfortunately our efforts were futile because Costco was out of toilet paper. How is this possible? There was no toilet paper to be found so we will have to return there on Friday and hope for the best. Maybe people were stocking up for the big hurricane that people think will hit here. Dummies.

I picked up my car from the shop and it seems good. The real test will come when I start it in the morning. That is when the problem would occur. Please pray that it is fixed.

This afternoon Kristy and I met with the students who will be working with us in housing. It seems like a good group of girls. I think we will have fun with them. Several of them are girls I feel like I already have a connection with. Good times.

After an odd dinner of lasagna with lettuce and meat in it, Kristy and I made guest appearances at the DTS houses as they were having their house meetings. We just told them how they need to clean and that we will be judging the cleanliness. I think they were a bit bored by our speech. Too bad.

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