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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Perpetual Cloud Hair

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I pretty much have permanent cloud hair here. For those of you who do not know what cloud hair is: it is when my hair acquires a Kramer-esque elevation. It is frizz to the max. Some hair products are supposed to help you achieve that fresh from the beach look. That is not a good look for me. I basically get a frizzy mini-afro. Maybe the problem could be alleviated if I bathed more. I am really to lazy to test that theory out. Cloud hair is here to stay.

Last night I went to Hope Chapel, a church in Kihei. Sherry, Terry and some of my other YWAM friends whose names don’t end in “erry” were leading worship. They did a really good job. You can always count on quality worship from YWAMers. We loaded twenty people into one of our ghetto YWAM vans to get there. It was a bit cramped but fun. There is a really nice bookstore at the church. I wanted to check it out more but I was paranoid about getting left behind. I think we managed not to leave anyone. Afterwards, we went to Cold Stone, an inferior version of Marble Slab as far as I am concerned. The people there must have despised us for bringing in like twenty people less than an hour before closing.

Then some friends and I watched Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up dvd. It is so funny. It is definitely worth checking out. I laughed so much.

Today I hung out with Amy, another girl who lives in my house. It was good. She seems like a good friend candidate. We made a pilgrimage to Costco and Wal-Mart. I go to Wal-Mart at least two times a week. It is a bit strange but seems necessary for whatever reason. And then I bought the surfboard I have had my eye on. It is probably a little shorter than I need but I am going to try hard to get better. Now, I have all the toys I set money aside for before I got here. I plan on not spending as much money any more. I just had to get myself settled in.

My third roommate moved in. That means we have nine people in our house total. My new roomie is Jess from Canada. She seems pretty nice and laidback. I am now outnumbered two to one by Canadians. Don’t be surprised if I start saying, “eh?” She sleeps below me and has created what Sherry and I refer to as “the fort.” She has hung a sarong to block the view into her bed. It looks like when a kid makes a fort out of blankets. I guess she just likes privacy anyway she can obtain it. Regardless, I do enjoy talking about “the fort.”

I went to lunch with another girl from my house, Tik (pronounced Teak.) She is from Thailand and is staffing the DTS this quarter. She is a really cool girl and it was nice to get to know her better and find out about her heart for discipleship.

This afternoon I got to watch the UT game. Our TV only has a few channels but one was all I needed. Unfortunately most of the game I got to see was not UT’s finest showing. Then I had to leave to go to a new staff “BBQ” and I had to stop watching about five minutes before the end. I come to find out from Sarah Sto-Gregor, that those last five minutes were very exciting as we came from behind and won. I am happy but I would probably be a little more happy if I had gotten to see it.

Those of us who were new on staff, had to stand up and say where we are from and stuff. Then we got a nice card and some macadamia nut candy. It was funny because this was held at this pavilion near the beach. It was mainly YWAMers there but there was also a group of drunk local older men with no shirts. They cheered really loud along with the YWAMers for all of us when our names were called out. They yelled really loud when I said I was from Texas. Then after all the names were called out, they yelled, “We want to hear about Sara. Where’s Sara from?” Sara is the personnel director and was the one calling out our names. She did not answer the guys so I guess she was not interested in their enticing proposition.

Speaking of awkward pick-up attempts, Sherry got hit on today right in front of her fiancĂ©, Jonathan. They were hitchhiking from the beach and about to get in the back of a pick-up. Some dude on a scooter, yes I said scooter, approached them and asked Sherry if she needed a ride. Jonathan said, “No.” Then he said, “She’d have a better time with me.” Needless to say, Sherry did not take him up on his offer even though he was propositioning her from his fly scooter.

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