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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Monsoon Bedding

Hey friends,

I wouldn't mind a few comments now and then so that it looks like my blog is popular. I do not want to have to write them all myself. That will make me look like more of a dork than writing this does.

A bunch of the students arrived today! It's pretty exciting. I remember what it was like to be them so I tried to get to know the girls and help them get to know each other. We were all sitting around their living room, a bit awkwardly since none of them know each other. I just started asking them all a bunch of questions to get conversations going. They probably think I am a bit strange but it worked. I even memorized all their names already. There are two Sarahs and everyone knows how much I like Sarahs. I only know the names of two of the boys, so far though. I plan on concentrating my efforts on the girls anyway. Guy/girl ministry can be sketchy sometimes.

Hanging out with the students has put me in a really good mood. Today was a really good day overall. I did end up going to town for no reason, though. I don't fully understand the way Hawaii's car stuff works. I thought my safety inspection had expired. I took my car into town to get it inspected only to find out that mine was good till next May. Oops. I ended up going to the mall to try and justify my gas usage.

Today was fun but last night was not so much. It rained harder here than I have ever seen. Our car port looked like a giant shower with sheets of rain pouring through holes in the roof. The rain was scary but I did not think much of it until I tried to go to bed. Open windows are the nature's air conditioning that YWAM uses. This is fine except in times of monsoon. About a fourth of my bed and some of my clothes were soaking wet. The open window next to my bed was the culprit. I tried to close it but it apparently does not close. I ended up covering the window with garbage bags. This was noisy but at least kept out some of the liquid. I actually fell asleep. I once slept in outside during a thunderstorm during a poverty simulation. I knew that a partially wet bed did not compare to sleeping drenched. But as I said, despite the flood in my bed, today was great!

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