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Monday, September 19, 2005

Why won't hippies wear deodorant?

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Today we had base worship at 8 am. It is always very difficult for me to get up in the sevens on a Monday morning. I want to ride my long board skateboard down the hill from my house to our chapel. Early in the morning is a great time because there are no cars so I am less afraid of dying. Unfortunately I am grumpy and discombobulated in the morning, as many of you know. With my senses less than sharp, I have not yet attempted a journey down the hill. I will someday, I hope. Pray for me.

This morning I cleaned the house where the speakers and guests stay. It is not my favorite thing to do but it is not so bad. I wish we had a mop or better yet, a swiffer. I tried to mop the kitchen floor using soapy water and a rag. Surprisingly enough, scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees is not as glamorous as it appears. I felt very much like Cinderella and quit about halfway through. Maybe I will go out a buy a swiffer at Wal-Mart.

After I played housekeeper, my boss, Kristy drove her car in to town so that I could take my car to the shop. I left my car at some place with a name like: Fast Eddie’s or Fat Eddie’s. I am not sure. They are going to do some kind of transmission tune-up type thing and see if that fixes my problems. Please pray that it works. I am not good at car troubles. This is why my family only owns Hondas and Toyotas.

I got to have the afternoon off but I really did not take advantage of it other than an extra-long nap. Sherry was off as well, and chose to spend her time the same way. We were napping buddies. It was some good napping other than it seeming abnormally hot. I felt a bit sticky and that is definitely not the way you describe a good nap. I kept setting my alarm for later and later. I was having a dream about hanging out with my brother, who I miss a lot and it was a good dream so I wanted it to keep going.

Sherry and I woke up in time to watch Jennifer Aniston on Oprah along with several of our housemates. The show didn’t end up being that great although the picture was crystal clear thanks to me playing cable man. Hooray for cable modems.

The students are still off gallivanting in the woods for Exodus. The base was so full when they were here and now it seems so empty. They will be back tomorrow. The Exodus experience culminates in love feast. This is where the students, who do not know that this is the end of their “wandering in the desert,” get to have a fancy dinner and have their feet washed by members of the staff. I remember how surreal the experience was for me. I felt disgusting and someone was willing to wash my stanky feet. Also the music they played was Shane and Shane, two good Texas worship singers. I didn’t think anyone would know those guys out here so it felt like the music was just for me.

I will be serving dinner at it and washing the feet of Kristin from California. It’s nice because I chose her before I arrived but I have had the opportunity to talk to her a lot already. I am glad I have already started relationships with most of the female students. Many of the other staff members say I am so into meeting them because it is my first school as a staff member. They only make a minimal effort to get to know the students. I don’t want to be like that when I have been here a while. Please hold me accountable.

Tomorrow I will be gone all day, apparently. We have to set up for Love Feast starting at 10am. We will have to bring fancy clothes to change into for the dinner. We are not supposed to get back until around 9pm. I asked the girl who gets the mail to look out for a package. I am waiting for a package from my parents that includes my padded bike shorts and misc. other things I forgot.

Tonight I went down to the basketball courts for a little practice. The guys are much nicer here than average and every time I go shoot around, I end up playing HORSE or 21 or even two-on-two. It’s a lot of fun. Although this time, a guy named, “Iggy” played. Iggy was your typical hippie, which unfortunately for anyone with a sense of smell, meant that he chooses to forgo smell-improving products like deodorant. Boy, did he reek! It is bad enough being down-wind of hippie’s when they are at rest like at a coffee shop. But, when hippies are active, the body odor can turn your stomach. I did not guard Iggy very closely for fear of vomiting inside of my mouth because of the foul odor emanating from his arm pits. The worst part was when he went up for a shot and brushed against my sleeve. That part of my shirt now had the unmistakable stench of Iggy’s B.O. Yuck! Overall it was a fun game and I held my own but did not impress. I am excited about my upcoming YWAM girls’ basketball team. Continue to be thinking about possible names.


Jocelyn Harnly Fowler said...

You never know, Liz. Iggy the Hippie might actually be wearing deoderant but it is petchulie (i have no idea how to spell it). They often use this all-natural product to cover up the other infamous hippie weed smell. I know this because Lisa is now wearing it but not to cover up weed. It is the cheapest all natural deoderant and Lisa tries to be environmentally concious every way she can. Its funny cuz she likes to torture Paul with the smell.

Anonymous said...

What about this name for the team?

"Girls gone mild"

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