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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bananas Foster with a side of paper

Blog 9/27

Today I got to sleep in a bit, which is always enjoyable. The night before, I spent a little time with God. I think I was neglecting Him a bit and that was why he was smiting my toys. Maybe not, but spending time with Him is definitely something I could do more of. The final toy update is as follows: My car didn’t start- Billy, a DTS student, fixed it. My bike got a flat tire and I need to go get a new tube. My cable scheme got found out and the cord was cut. Bye Bye Cable. The #3 key came off on my laptop. After trying to figure it out for a while, I just kinda shoved it on and it seems to be fixed. I was afraid to try to take out my surfboard. I knew it would probably break in half or get chomped by a shark.

This morning Kristy and I did house inspections. We went to all the houses on base to judge their cleanliness. The DTS boys surprised me. Their house was a pit of doom yesterday but quite pleasant today. They even put plumeria flowers on their pillows. Cute. The worst room of all was Wayne’s. He left a plate of last night’s dinner on top of his fan. His drawers were all open with clothes spilling out. There were also piles of clothes all around. I feared for my life. Luckily I made it out safe.

After a lunch of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, I spent the afternoon trying to assess the state of our houses and figure out what we can use to make the houses more livable. There is so much that needs to be done. It can be overwhelming.

Tonight Sherry and I met our fellow DTS friend, Cherish for dinner. Cherish is leaving for the big island to attend a YWAM film school. We had fun at this restaurant called LuLu’s. Our waiter, Johnny, was fun and border-line flirty. We got bananas foster for desert. It tasted good but it soon looked like a big bowl of white goo. We were all digging in. We were super-messy and got ice cream and goo all over the table. The waiter came back to check on us, saw the destruction our ice cream had caused, and said, “How are you girls do… Jesus!” It was a great reaction. Sherry thought she had hit the jackpot with a big scoop of ice cream. It turned out not to be ice cream at all. It was some sort of white soggy paper. We almost peed our pants at Sherry’s misfortune. We showed our waiter and he ended up giving us the dessert free. Way to go Johnny!

Then Sherry and I went to Wal-Mart to make a welcome home basket for our friend, Gena. I will explain more later but she is coming back early from leading a team to Bangladesh. I am excited to see her but I wish this was not the way. This is not good. Apparently her team could never work together. Three of the girls are coming back to Maui with Gena and the remaining two students will link up with the Borneo team. It is a sad situation but hopefully for the best. Please pray for Gena to deal with all this stuff. Pray that I can be a comfort to her during this difficult time.

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