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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Erin and Zach making babies

I have a request from someone who has read my blog. Since I have no real idea if people are actually reading this thing, I need to pay attention to requests by the few readers I have. So, Erin Pilgreen Morrow or Erin Pilgrow as I like to call you, this is for you.

So, if you are unaware of the reason behind my blog’s unorthodox title, I will share it with you. There is an unbelievably funny Saturday Night Live sketch called, “Adelle at Lunch.” It involves an amazing performance by Cheri Oteri as Adelle. Adelle is the name of this character who endlessly spouts out sexual innuendos at her work place. If you are not easily offended, I recommend that you download the sound bite immediately. I warn you that this is not for the easily offended. With all of this said, one part of the skit involves Adelle referring to her tube top as “an elastic basket to hold her peaches.” And the person in my life who does the best impersonation of Adelle is Erin Pilgreen Morrow. She has the entire thing memorized and gives a flawless performance. If you are lucky enough to know Erin, make her do the skit for you. You will not be disappointed.

Another piece of news about Erin is that she is PREGNANT! She and her husband of less than a year, Zach Morrow are expecting a baby in May. Erin, my dad’s birthday is May 5th and Jocelyn’s birthday is May 7th, so it would be nice if you could shoot for one of those days. Thanks. Those Pilgreens sure do love to procreate, except Lee of course. I am so excited for Erin and Zach. I love them both and I know they will make great parents. It makes me sad that I won’t get to see this kid until it is like a year old. Babies are more fun when they are older anyway, right? I demand pictures when the little sucker pops out and if pre-baby Erin and Zach don’t come to Em and Van’s wedding, there will be hell to pay. Whatever that means.

Today we had staff conference. This was basically a time when we all sat in a room and talked about rules and YWAM policies. Despite the presence of baked goods, it was not the most exciting time I have ever had. We got a break for lunch and then had some more stuff in the afternoon. The highlight of that time was getting a letter from Sarah Sto-Gregor. I love mail. I repeat, I love mail. I found out last night that Richard and Sonya, who used to lead Northbrook Young Life, the club I worked with last year, have quit. This leaves no one to lead the club and so they have had to combine with their rival school. This means a lot more work for the urban young life director since she is now in charge of two high schools. They desperately need new leaders because they are being spread too thin. This development makes me feel sad about leaving them even though I know I cannot single-handedly fix all the problems.

I am still on the prowl for a surfboard. I am terrible at being patient. There is a specific type I want and I am trying to find a used one. The surf is supposed to be pretty flat for at least a month, so I just need to chill. I guess I am afraid I will spend the money on something else. I need to just hide the money somewhere.

Gas is sooo expensive! I filled up my tank this weekend for $53! That was at $3.24 per gallon. Today it is up to $3.48 per gallon. In two days the prices went up 24 cents. That is just terrible. I am going to try to limit my car use some to conserve gas. I get a bit upset when I reminisce about those wonderful high school days when I got gas for 75 cents per gallon. Those were the days! I need to stop thinking about it or I will tear up again.

I talked to my brother this weekend. I miss that guy a lot. He is the person in my life right now who I love the most. It is a shame that the army owns him now. He talked about having some kind of Disneyworld extravaganza with our family and Shella’s family including her three nephews and niece. This would happen before he leaves for Iraq. Andrew going to Iraq is not a sure thing yet. I think I would be able to get the time off from YWAM as long as I gave them enough notice. If they try to deny me, I can just bawl and pull the “my brother’s going to Iraq” card. I would really prefer he not go, but if he thinks it is worth going there, then I will support him.

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