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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

J.Lo and Cane Spiders


I had a strange dream last night. It is kind of a reoccurring dream for me, though some of the details change from dream to dream. The dreams usually involve me about to marry someone that I don’t really want to marry. Sometimes the groom is someone I know or just a random guy that I did not love. The dream last night involved J.Lo. Yes, Jennifer Lopez. It seemed like she was my confidant/ wedding planner. I don’t know why I have these recurring dreams. I don’t think this means that I am destined to marry someone I don’t love, but apparently somewhere in my subconscious I must think that.

Last night a bunch of people were hanging out in my living room talking about cane spiders. I have never seen a cane spider, apparently they are like big tarantulas. I don’t think I like anything that can be likened to a big tarantula. Apparently they come out of the cane fields when the farmers burn them down each year. I sorta want to see one but then never see any again. My friend, Jonathan killed six in one night. They supposedly end up all over the place including in the shower. Eww! I know I am going to freak out big time when I see one.

We finally have some waves at the beach near my house. I think I am going to try to go surfing today. I am trying to be athletic. Last night I played basketball with Matt and then two middle-aged men. I may take on the position of unofficial recreation coordinator. It seems a shame to have a pool of 50+ young adults, many who are sports-minded, and not have a lot of team sports. I will let you know how this develops.

I made a spare key for my car the other day. I told Sherry about it and she jokingly said, “Awww, you made a spare key for me!” I went to Wal-Mart and bought an ugly gold key chain that reads, “Sherry- Keli.” Apparently Sherry’s Hawaiian name is Keli. I also got an ugly multi-colored, sequined, beanie baby sea horse key chain. Now people that borrow my car will have to take these ugly key chains along for the ride as well.

I got on the driver’s list here. This means I am allowed to drive our big ghetto YWAM vans. Lucky me. I had to take a little driver’s test with one of the other staff members. It reminded me of Driver’s Ed and I actually got a little nervous. Apparently I passed.

Today, I went shopping with Kristy, my housing boss and the Hospitality workers. I still can't believe how small our budget is. We had almost exactly enough money to buy toilet paper and paper towels for the week, sponges, windex and clorox clean-up. There were only a few cents to spare. There is other stuff we could have bought but the budget just won't allow.

The students start coming today and I am excited to get to know them. It should be fun. They seem young, especially the boys. The oldest guy is 21. The oldest girl is 24. In my school, I was the second oldest girl at age 22 but there were like seven or eight guys who were older than me. We were going to have four teams of students but now we are only having three. They will be going to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Borneo.

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