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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fluffy shoots, she scores!

Blog 9-29

My friend, Gena, is back on base from Bangladesh. Her girls have been staying in our living room. I forgot this fact the other night. I thought it seemed strange that there were no lights on in our living room when I was coming home. I flipped the light on and realized about one second later that there were girls asleep on our couches. I turned the light off right away before any real damage was done.

I took most of my day to pick-up Gena at the airport. There was a bit of miscommunication. Gena and her girls got stuck in Taiwan for five hours. We picked them up around noon and kidnapped Gena. We went and ate at Quizno’s. Then I worked with my Housing students. I let them deliver the TP and it went off without a hitch, I think. A couple of them cleaned the bathroom and office. I love having students. It is nice to not have to clean the bathroom as much. Then we had a brainstorming session about redoing the bathroom. The room is a lot like a narrow Hell so we have nowhere to go but up. We are considering bright neutrals to widen the room and a terra cotta colored floor to camouflage the excessive amounts of red Maui mud. I don’t know how our budget will hold out but the girls are excited and so am I.

My basketball team and I worked on creating our uniforms. We want them to look professional so naturally we used puff paint and $4 red tank tops from Wal-Mart. We put nicknames on the backs of each one. There are five official members of the team and we purchased three extra jerseys for the other random people we will be cajoling to play so that we don’t forfeit. We put nicknames on the unassigned jerseys as well. So far we have, me-Hot Stuff, Brittany- Big Mack, Brenna- Snow White, Calla- Go-gurt, and Sarah- Princess. The anonymous jerseys: Coco, Fluffy and Apollo (Apollo’s number is 13, naturally.) The funniest part of this scenario is the latest team roster development. A girl named Christy called and said she was interested in joining our team. Apparently the recreation center people had given her my number. I talked to her on the phone. She is from Oregon and six feet tall. Other than that, I know absolutely nothing about her. I tried to warn her about how several of our players are borderline terrible. The funniest part is wondering what she will think when she is given a jersey to wear with the name, “Fluffy” printed on the back. It is a shame I will be unable to attend the first game, I am afraid that may be the only game Christy attends after she sees our skills.

On Friday, we drove to the other side of the island to pick up a donation. It was me, Kristy, Jonathan, Wayne and Dave- the housing department plus the maintenance guys. We drove there in the rain and with no A.C. that means windows down. When we got to the hotel where the donation was, it turns out they had about 100 lounge chairs, 5 glass top tables and about 20 patio chairs. This stuff is not exactly the bookcases and dressers we are really in need of. The place had hoped we would take all of the stuff. We definitely don’t need a lounge chair for every man, woman and child on base. Our van could only hold three lounge chairs and four patio chairs. So, we drove pretty far for a very small pay-off. Oh well. I enjoy checking out other parts of the island.

After work, Gena wanted to get some stuff she needed from town. Sherry and I took her to Wal-Mart (of course) and the mall. We picked up some hitchhiking DTS boys along the way. At night I went to church. I liked the worship but again I was not to into the pastor’s message. After church, I hung out with some of the DTS girls at their house. I really enjoy getting to know them better. There are several that I have a connection with. I am going to try to be purposeful in reaching out to those few especially.

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