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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just some tourists laying by the pool

I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday night I went to Saver's to get some eighties gear. We are having an eighties dinner and dance on Wednesday. I got some scary jeans that come up past my bellybutton and an ugly flowered shirt which I plan on wearing tucked in and with a belt, naturally. I have been hanging out with my new friend, Amy a lot. She is fast becoming one of my best friends. I am talking bridesmaid material here. This makes life here better. I have other friends here too but it is cool to have someone I have so much fun with and can talk about so much with.

On Friday night Amy and I bulldozed wash cloth town. Wash cloth town is what I refered to one of the bathrooms in our house as. It seemed that the only decorations on the walls were wash cloths. Someone had thought it would be a good idea to hang about 15 hooks on the main walls of the bathroom to hang wash cloths on. It looked terrible. Amy and I unscrewed the hooks and repositioned them so that they were no longer a bathroom centerpiece. Then we put up some posters. It looks so much better.

On Saturday, I took a carload of girls to Kaanapali on the other side of the island. We went pool hopping, which is where you swim in hotel pools without being a guest. It ended up being me, Amy and Kristy going around together. We swam and laid out by two lovely pools without being caught. We hammed it up and pretended we were tourists. We kept making typical tourist comments and saying things like, "I have got to get one of those things that goes around your neck. What are they called? Oh yeah, leis." Or "I must get one of those straw cowboy hats. They are so cute!" Our ruse worked so well that we were approached by an awkward scuba instructor called "Scuba Steve" who propositioned us to take some scuba lessons. I told him I would have to ask the rents when I saw them back in our room.

We also went shopping in the tourist area. Amy is making a scrapbook for her boyfriend so we tried to get some funny pictures of her. She tried to get in a fountain but underestimated the depth and totally fell in. I was in the bathroom when it happened but I did get to see the photograph that Kristy serendipitously took. Good times except that Amy ended up with a big scratch and nasty bruise to show off.

It is strange how different that part of the island seems than where we live. There it is primarily tourists so that is what everything is geared towards. On our side this is not the case. It is nice to go there sometimes and feel like you are on vacation. Many people probably think living in Hawaii is like being on vacation all the time but that is simply not the case. It's great but no perpetual vacation.

Today I took my students to church. We help out with the kids so it was fun. After church I went to Wal-Mart to get some goodies for Angel/Mortal week. This is kind of like secret santa for the DTS. I drew the name of one of the DTS students and I got him a random assortment of goodies. I have already received one present from my angel. It was a set of four false teeth. I wonder if they know about my nubs.

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Jocelyn Harnly Fowler said...

Ahhh....Nubs and pool hopping...I wish i were there, especially for those nubs. I miss you too, Hot Stuff.

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