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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Big Day

I slept like a rock the night before the wedding. Shella said she tossed and turned but I did not wake up once. We stumbled sleepily into breakfast. I had hot rollers in my hair so I was looking really hot. The food was pretty good. I made a plate for Andrew since he wasn't supposed to see Shella and he was a bit groggy from the night before. I made sure to include a lot of ham. Andrew sure does like ham.

I was the first one to get my hair done since I was going to be in pictures with Andrew first thing. Shella had a real hairdresser do our hair. This was a first in my wedding experience. It was nice. She put my hair half up and stuck flowers in it. I liked it a lot except that she kind of straightened the rest of my hair and then artificially curled it. I like my hair naturally curly. I put water in it and let nature do the rest.

I went over with the boys. It was fun to hang out and I go to watch the OU game. Whoohoo! UT finally won! We took lots of pre-wedding photos. Right before the ceremony, I found out that this lady was going to be cutting meat in the area where we wanted to do the slideshow. She basically threw a fit and said we couldn't do the slideshow there because the lights would give her a headache. I asked if she could move to the other end of the table and she acted like it was the most ridiculous idea ever. It seems to me that if you are serving in a wedding, you should do what ever you can to make people happy instead of being stiff and unyielding. Because of this cleaver carrying curmudgeon, not very many people got to see my slide show of Andrew and Shella.

The ceremony was pretty good. They always feel long when you are up there. Andrew cried again so of course I could not hold it in. I wasn't loud or blubbery, though. I have seen those bridesmaids and I don't want to be one. It was also so sunny at first that I began crying by default. The preacher was really funny. He kept muttering all this random stuff. I guess he did not know that everyone could hear him due to the microphone. There was a lot of giggling. Shella's nephews did not make noise but they did fidget and play with the pillow and flower bucket they were holding. I watched them to entertain myself.

There was also a bee buzzing around. It was giant and it landed in the hair of the bridesmaid in front of me. It was into the flowers in her hair. I didn't know what to do. Thankfully it flew away. Unfortunately towards the bride and groom. They remained unscathed but the congregation got a laugh.

After the ceremony, we took pictures till I wanted to hang myself. It was at least an hour of artificial posing and I got antsy. We were all antsy. Our feet hurt, we were sweaty, and hungry. This resulted in some grumpy people. All the other guests got to eat. This was the only time I was not happy to be in the wedding party.

We did this thing called the grand march. It is a big German choreographed dance. I was super-skeptical but it ended up being fun. I started with Robert Tyler/my groomsmen as my partner but he was soon stolen by Shella's aunt and I ended up next to her cute second cousin and my parents' friend, Dale. It was fun. Then we danced and we danced. Not me and Dale. Everyone.

I made a speech and didn't really cry. I was quite impressed with myself. I had thought about leaving early but I was having so much fun I didn't notice when it got late and it was time for them to go. When Shella and Andrew got in the car her nephew, Michael, started bawling. He loves them so much.

Then Thama, Emily, Jocelyn, Neha and I drove back to my house in Houston. It was really fun. I am glad we got that time together. I was a bit disappointed that they had to leave pretty early in the morning.

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