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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Born Again Ballers are no longer Losers!

Blog 10-22

YWAM Maui sports has finally ended its losing streak! We actually won a game. The Born Again Ballers (my women’s basketball team) won in overtime. God sent us two little point guards who made a huge difference. Marci and Mandy apparently played on last year’s championship team and signed up too late this year. So, now they will be on our team. Yay! We needed a point guard more than anything else so it is perfect. We had all our normal players as well, unlike our last game. I was a bit too competitive but I don’t think it was too bad. I did not let some of our weaker players play very much. I really wanted to win one. One of our posts got hurt so a weaker player was going to take her place. I put myself in instead. It would have been really rude if I didn’t play well. I didn’t want to sit on the bench during such a close game. In overtime I scored all our points and we won by five points. I made 3 3-pointers during the game. It was so fun! I enjoy getting to play basketball so much.

Yesterday the DTS students had an all-day prayer time. As a staff, we will be having a “solitude day” on Wednesday. I am not sure how it will work but we will be dropped off at different locations around the island to pray. I’ll let you know how it goes. At night, Gena and I took Leah, one of the students, out to eat. It was fun. I am going to try to take some of the students out to do fun stuff at least once a week. I remember how annoying it can be to have to hitchhike everywhere you go.

My friend, Amy is now the owner of the first season of the OC. There has been a lot of OC watching in our house because of this latest development. I have seen a few. I had never seen any before this current spree. It reminds me of watching Days of Our Lives in High school. The plot is predictable and overdramatic. But I like watching them with a group of friends. I could not watch and still be fine but it is nice to hang out and watch TV like normal people sometimes.

Today we volunteered at the Xterra World Championship. It is an off-road triathlon. Today was a pre-race 5K and 10K. Other than having to wake up in the fives, it wasn’t too bad. All the staff volunteered because they promised to give the base $900 if a lot of us came. Not too bad for only a few hours of work. When we got there, they started asking for various numbers of people to come with them to do some sort of task. I hung back with Sherry and Jono to try to hang out with them. We ended up being the last group to get assigned a task. We finally got chosen and hopped in the back of a pick-up. After a short drive, the driver yells, “Ok, one person get out and stand here to direct the runners.” After all the trouble we went through to stay together, we were immediately separated. Pretty funny. I basically pointed towards the right direction in the 5K race. It was not tough at all. I am seriously considering training for the next X-Terra triathalon. I think it would be a great accomplishment and good way to get in shape. I did 160 miles on my bike for the MS150, so maybe I could pull it off with training.

I did not get to watch the UT game, unfortunately. For some reason, the channels here thought we would be more interested in other games. They were wrong. We did win, so I cannot be too bitter. I really want to see a whole game sometime soon. I am getting to see all Astros games so I can’t complain too much. Go Texas Sports!

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So, did YWAM receive the promised donation?

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