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Friday, October 28, 2005

I didn't know that God made women this big

Long time, no blog. I used to be a more dilligent blogger, but I have slacked off a bit. That is probably a good thing, however, because it means I am more busy and less homesick. I will try to catch you guys up on what's been going on.

On Wednesday, we had solitude day for the staff. They dropped us off at various locations throughout the island at around 9:30am after a time of worship. We got picked up at 4:30. The idea of being alone to think for that long was very daunting. I got dropped off at a park in Wailuku. After spending some time in a softball dugout, I walked to Borders in Kahului, which took about an hour. The time was good. I read and journaled and prayed and thought about some issues that I was using my busyness to ignore. We were also supposed to use the time to pray about the base and see what God wants for us as far as land and property go.

Several people got the verse about abiding in God and him being the vine and us the branches. Several people also got the verses in 1st and 2nd Chronicles that talk about David planning to build a temple but not living to see it finished. It seems that God was telling us that some of us might not be at YWAM Maui when we finally get our own property. I hope I am here.

In basketball, the Born Again Ballers suffered a loss. The other team was big and powerful. At one point I was guarding a girl who was 6'6". I am sure it was a hilarious sight. THis chick had enormous feet. Some of our non-basketball playing friends came to cheer us on. It was really nice of them. I wish we'd put on a better showing.

Some lady who owns an electric company called our base. She wanted someone to help clean her offices. I took my students and we tried to clean this insanely messy warehouse. She told us ahead of time that she would give us a donation. The work was a bit gross but we only worked for an hour and a half. I thought she would give us about $50. Instead, she gave us $200!!!! What a great surprise! I bought my girls some Jamaba Juice and we are going to pray about what God wants us to do with the rest of the money. There is a ton we can do in housing but we want to do what God wants since it is his money, afterall.

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Anonymous said...

A 6'6" woman, that's a foot and a half taller than me! Yeah for the blog, I think someday you could turn your blog into a memoirs book.

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