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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Andrew's Last single Day

So, I went home to Houston to be in my brother's wedding. On Friday, he and I hung out. We mainly ran errands and went to Target, IKEA and Kroger. It was so good to spend time with him. I just love him so much. We got all of our stuff together and headed out to Brenham, where the wedding was held. It was nice to drive fast for a while since in Hawaii I can only go around 60 miles round trip and the maximum speed limit is 55mph.

On Friday we hung out for a while. My aunts, parents, cousin David, groomsmen and bridesmaids were all around. We all stayed in different little houses on the property. The groom/groomsmen cabin was cute in a rustic way. Unfortunately it only had enough beds for four people. I think my brother spent the night before his wedding sharing a bed with Robert Tyler. I guess this was good practice for sleeping with Shella.

Shella arrived after taking a test. Not the most fun thing to do on the day before your wedding. We did all the rehearsal bisnass and then had a rehearsal dinner at one of the houses. This was my mom's part of the festivities. She was very anxious for it to go well. The food was good and people seemed to be having fun. A success!

The groomsmen had a wild night of drinking games and poker. Apparently my brother was wearing a lace teddy at one point. I don't know why. They stayed up until past 3am. Some of the guys slept in their cars. Ho slept in his and did not even wake up when his car alarm went off. That's some deep sleep.

The girls were not near as rowdy. I wished I could have hung out with the boys instead because I actually know a lot of them. I did not try to intrude on their guy time. The bridesmaids were nice but I had never met a few of them before that day. We kinda sat around as Shella and Andrew delivered gifts to wedding participants and tied up loose ends. Shella and I slept in the same room and talked for about an hour before falling asleep. It was a sweet time. I am glad I have her as my sister-in-law now. Yay!

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