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Friday, October 14, 2005

Love is in the air and the living room and in the hallway

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Love is in the air in my house and causing a bit of discomfort with the community living situation. Sherry and Jonathan have been engaged for a little while and will be getting married in January. Sara and Joe dated and broke up for a month and now they’re back together. Jess and Jeremy used to date, broke up for a year and now are back together. Amy and Alicia have boyfriends on the mainland so their boyfriend time is only on the phone, and therefore not a problem.

Sometimes it can feel like a minefield coming into the house. YWAM’s guy/girl policy is that guys can be in our houses until 10pm and guys can be in our rooms only if the door is open. These rules are good but often don’t curb enough PDA. I walk down the hall and have to avert my eyes as to not view kissing or cuddling. Some people have not been abiding by the 10pm curfew. Luckily my roommate, Sherry does but I can see how other people get frustrated when there is a boy in their room until late into the night. It is hard to relax or go to sleep in the midst of a cuddle-fest. I think we are going to have a house meeting about these co-ed issues to try to resolve some of the awkwardness.

Overall, as much it may have seemed that I am annoyed at the couples. It is really not that bad. I am excited that so many people are getting together. I wonder who will be the next to become smitten with a fellow YWAMer.

Today I tried to go surfing but I have a long way to go before I am good at shortboarding. It’s way harder than longboarding. I got all the way out once and then I got caught in the impact zone and spent about ten minutes futily paddling out before giving up and returning to shore. I got better at duck diving (when you push your board into the water so that you can get under a wave.) I almost have it down. I need to keep practicing even though I am tempted to give up shortboarding. Maybe I should lift weights and get more strength for paddling.

Today I dropped my friend, Amy off at the airport. She is going home to Canada to be in a wedding and see her way-long distance boyfriend, Luke. She will be home an even shorter amount of time than I was for Andrew’s wedding. I cannot imagine being home for only three days and juggling wedding obligations and spending as much time as possible with a boyfriend. It sounds super-hard.

Tomorrow I am going to help out with something called Revival Maui. I think it’s like a big concert thing geared towards teenagers. We will have a YWAM booth there. We are supposed to have a game. I suggested “Baptize the Heathens” where we throw scantily-clad Barbie dolls into a pool of water. Or “Throw Jonah in the whale.” I am not even sure what the group came up with since I missed a few of the meetings. Oh well, I will let you know how it turns out.

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