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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Birthday D-Ray!

I want to give a shout-out to my good pal, David Ray. Today he turns 22. Hooray for palindromes!

I had an orientation today with the director of personnel and with the head of my department. I have secured my time off for Andrew's wedding but I am waiting a little longer to ask about Emily's. Pray that I will be able to go or I will be ridiculously upset.

I like Kristy, the head of housing. This is good since she and I will be working together all the time. She surfs too, so she can be my surfing buddy. She surfs on a shortboard and I am seriously considering getting a shortboard. I am not sure how short I can go, though. For those of you non-surfers, the shorter the board, the harder it is to surf it. This afternoon Kristy and I will be cleaning up the house where guests stay.

Also this afternoon I am supposed to meet a guy about a car. I hope it works out because then I will have so much more freedom. Right now I can only hang out in our town and I need a boy to hitchhike with if I leave town. Also I want to get a bike and there is nowhere to get one in our town.

I want to work-out while I am here but it is really hot. I need to be diligent nevertheless. It will be easier to work out when I have a bike. I should really just suck it up and go play basketball and then jump in the ocean to cool off.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day Two Continued

I got to talk to some of my fun friends on the phone today. This was good but made me a little homesick. I had the day off but no one else did so I was by myself more than I would have liked. I start learning my job and stuff tomorrow so I will start being busy. This will help the me missing people factor I think.

I am really anxious to get a car. I am really not the best at patience. I want instant gratfication even though I know that is not always wise. I definitely need maturity in the area. Maybe living on support will help this part of me.

There seems to be a lot of ping pong playing around here. It's quite the phenomenon. I am not that good at it yet but I have two years of serious training ahead of me. Watch out people! When I get back, I will be a ping pong champ!!!

Day Two

I have discovered that YWAM Maui has become more technologically advanced in my absence. They now have wireless internet in the house next door to mine. Yay! Expect a lot of updates!!

I am really excited about being here. Before I left I was feeling skeptical about whether or not this is where God wanted me. Now that I am here, it really feels right. There are a lot of people I know here and some really cool new people as well.

I already had mail when I arrived. Yay! Thanks a lot guys! Bring it on! It's lunch time now. Peace, Liz

First Day Feelings

I made it to Maui safe and sound. As the plane began to land, I looked out the window, trying to spot where I had lived. This is something I always do when I fly into Houston, my home. I feel like this signified that Maui was now my home. I was already thinking of it that way.

I was nervous about whether or not anyone would be there to pick up from the airport. YWAM is a great organization but the Maui base is not always the most organized. I went to the baggage claim and found that my friends, Sherry, Jonathan and Wayne were there to meet me. It was so great to see familiar faces and we all picked right up where we left off. I love friends like that.

They took me to Wal-Mart on the way to the base. I forgot how much I missed that place. It sounds weird but that place was a big part of my DTS experience. It reminds me of working at Camp Cho-Yeh in Livingston, TX. Wal-Mart was always a part of our off-times then too. Although, the Livingston Wal-Mart does not feature near as many Hawaiian souvenirs or a view of a volcano out the front door.

I got to meet a lot of the new staff and they all seem very nice. There were also some familiar faces from my previous time at YWAM. Things on base have changed since a few of the buildings we rented got sold. Meals are no longer served in our kitchen/dining room. We now have dinner on the porch of our house.

I live in Harper’s, which is the more desirable female staff housing. And I got a great surprise- I get to share a room with Sherry. YAY! We are supposed to get another roommate as well. I am so excited because I enjoy Sherry very much. I tried to unpack but I have not found places for all my stuff yet. I know I need to make another trip to Wal-Mart to get some organizational tools.

I don’t have jet lag. It’s nice. I guess have insomnia for that last two weeks in Texas paid off. We’ll see how I do tomorrow. Luckily I get tomorrow off to settle in. I start orientation on Wednesday.

I got a little sad about the severe time difference between me and a majority of the people I care most about in the world. It really hit home when my plane landed at 3 pm and I had a voice mail from Sarah Morgan that was sent at 4pm, which hadn’t happened in my time zone yet. I prefer to talk to friends at night but this is just not an option here. I will just have to get used to calling my friends in the afternoon.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hello Blog!

After seeing how cute Jocelyn's blog is, I have decided to jump on the blog bandwagon. This may be pointless since I already have a website but oh well. The website will be more informative and this will be more about my feelings and adventures. You (assuming someone will actually read this) should check out both.

I am about to leave for Maui tomorrow morning. I cannot believe it is really happening! I don't know why but it is just not real yet. And I am so freakin' tired of saying good-bye. It is just too draining. I hate it! I do get to come home in 40 days for my brother's wedding. Hopefully I will get to see a lot of people then.

Today I said good-bye to the kids I babysat for. They were really fun to hang out with this summer. Much of the rest of my day was devoted to preparing my car for sale. Luckily my parents are going to take care of the actual selling part for me. I did the cleaning part. Who knew I had trashed my car so much? My parents picked up some rims at Wal-Mart because I had lost one of mine. They are pretty cheesy but at least they are not Wal-Mart spinners, which are really frightening.

Trying to pack has not been the most fun ever. I have had to resign to pay the fee for bringing too much heavy crap. I am going to try to carry-on my skateboard. In New Zealand the airline people thwarted my efforts to carry on a skateboard. They made me check it without a bag. It ended up getting battered and got stuck on the luggage carousel. My friend, Ryan had to climb up and retrieve it for me.
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