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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Throw the ball through the cardboard hole

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I am always tired on Friday mornings. I think the getting up in the sevens is what gets me. We have worship at 8am. Our worship services are open to the public. This homeless lady came this Friday with her daughter, Violet. Violet really gets me. She lives somewhere along the beach with her mom. I don’t think she goes to school. I think she is seven or eight. One time her mom had me watch her while she went to collect cans. This guy came and tried to talk to her. He seemed sketchy so I kept asking if Violet was okay. I was in the middle of playing basketball so it was a bit difficult to keep an eye on her.

From last afternoon to last night I volunteered at this revival Maui event. We were supposed to run a booth with games for kids. I let the other people choose our game and they decided we would have a game where the kids threw darts at balloons. This is not the type of game I would have chosen but I was too lazy to be more involved. The game was pretty successful but the balloons ran out pretty quickly. I decided to cut a hole in the cardboard dart board and I bought some rubber balls at Foodland. Thus creating the wonderful game, “Throw the balls through the Hole in the Cardboard.” Despite the ghetto-ness of the affair, we were again the most popular booth. The other booths had activities like story time and Bible trivia. We were second in popularity only to the moonwalks.

It was fun but towards the end of the festival I was getting very tired. We saw some bands play: Telecast, Olivia and Kutless. It was fun but tiring. Some people are helping on Saturday too but I thank God that is not me. After the festival, I went home and went to bed right away.

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