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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hard times

Things are not too easy here right now. Rachel, one of my students, is in the hospital and so is my co-leader, Matt. They have both had high fevers, muscle pains and delerium. It has been intense. The doctors think they have Dengue fever.

Unfortunately they are in different hospitals so I have been going back and forth a lot. I currently feel sick as well but I don't think it is Dengue fever. I think my haried schedule and lack of sleep has caused my sinus infection to come back. This just complicates matters. Please pray that we will get better and that Rachel and Matt can come home from the hospital.

I don't like being the only leader. Seeing Matt in the hospital brought tears to my eyes. He is a big tough man and it is so hard to see him weak. My healthy students have been a big help.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Glorious guests and glorious rests

We have guests from Maui with us right now. They are Maria, who is my boss-type person and her best friend, Holly. It has been so good for me to have them here. I am definitely emotionally exhausted. Having older but not too old, Christian women that I know here to talk to and process with has given me a feeling of relief.

Kelli has another infection and had to stay overnight in the hospital. It would have been so much harder without Maria and Holly here. I am sick with a sinus infection. Fortunately I feel a lot better than I sound. I sound like a frog going through puberty. I also have one of those coughs that startle people. I had been feeling slightly sick for almost a month and I think it was becuase my head was filling up with all the stuff I am blowing out and coughing up. That's enough bodily function talk, but I think once I am over this I will be better than I was before. The best part of the voice malfunction is that I won't be able to teach English. I like doing it but the other day I had to teach three classes with no lesson plans and one was after one minute's notice. I need an English teaching break.

Maria and Holly are treating me to a night at the Sheraton Hotel. It is very fancy and does not feel like Bangladesh. It is so nice to get away from my responsibilities for a little while. My brother left for Iraq but I haven't had much time to think about it. That is probably a good and a bad thing. Please pray for his wife. I fear I will get rambly if I continue so I am out.

Continue to pray for Kelli whose bilological mom died and Rachel whose cousin died last week.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who needs personal space?

I just want to give you guys a glimpse into my Bangladesh life. Lately we do ministry in a town outside Dhaka. This means a bus ride that can last from half an hour to 3 hours depending on a variety of factors.

The daily bus rides are sometimes a welcome chance for me to relax and just think without having to be very responsible. Other days they are quite hellish and sometimes like today, you simply have to laugh.

In the mornings, the bus is late or crowded and often both. Today was no exception. My team crammed into every last inch of space on the bus. This is quite awkward with narrow aisles and cultural taboos about male/female contact. There two employees on the bus are the driver and a guy I like to call "the banger." The banger literally hangs halfway outside the bus and taps on the side of the bus to alert the driver when he is about to hit another bus, a random beggar or meandering water buffalo. (Those are all true sights here, even the water buffalo.) Today our banger failed and our bus sideswiped another bus. This resulted in our banger punching the driver of the other bus in the face. The crazy thing is that these buses are so battered that I would be shocked if anyone could see any new scrapes or scratches.

Back to the overcrowding- The bus today was hot, as usual and standing cheek to cheek (not talking about our faces) with a random petite Bangladeshi guy doesn't help the awkward factor. No one usually gets off until about ten minutes into the ride. Then all the fun begins! The aisle is about 3 feet wide so getting out of a departing passenger's way usually involves being in another passenger's lap for a few minutes. It is not as cool as it sounds. Then if you are lucky, within the first half hour, a seat will open up. Then, you get to be the one with someone on your lap. Today it was an unusually large Bangladeshi lady for me. I was reading a book but had to stop when her girth enveloped my entire lap. That was a fun five minutes as my students laughed at my predicament. At the same time the little Bangladeshi guy next to me kept doing the falling asleep head bob almost on my shoulder. This also provided a good show for the students seated behind me.

Instead of being annoyed and frustrated today, I chose to laugh. This made it so much better. Laughing is the correct response anyway when you have a large foreign lady all up in your personal space. These are the things I will miss when I am back in America.
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