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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blessings of the Automotive Kind

I am typing this on my Blackberry, which is not ideal but my computer is having some issues so this is the best way for me to make a blog post right now.

I wanted to share a bit about my car blessing. I recently received a bonus from the school district I worked for last year. It was based on my students' performance on last year's standardized tests. Apparently they did pretty well, because after the government stole 1/3 of it, I still had a decent chunk of money. This was a huge blessing because I really wanted to get a car when I returned to Maui.

Wasting no time, I bought a car on Friday. It is a bluish green 2000 Toyota Corolla. I actually used to have a white 2000 Corolla so I am pretty familiar with this model. I brought Jason, a friend who's good with cars to inspect it, hoping to avoid the drama I had with my Ford Explorer.

The woman who sold it to me was a Christian and familiar with YWAM. She was happy to sell it to me. So far, I have already driven it a lot. It's a bit of a novelty so I don't mind doing favors for people even if I have to go out of my way a bit.

I am so thankful for this blessing! I hope I can be a good steward of this gift during my time here.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Torn in Three Directions

Lately I have realized that I feel torn in three different directions. I understand that there are a lot worse problems than having three places you feel like you belong in simultaneously but nevertheless, this is my dilemma. Being back in Houston reminds me of the life I created for myself last time I was here. When I lived and taught elementary school here, I was self-sufficient and made a life for myself. This was different from the other times I lived in Houston post-college. Those were transitional times where I lived with my parents and didn't have a career-type job. I think living as an adult here for those two years has made it harder to be away. I really love my friends here and a lot of what Houston has to offer. It truly feels like home.

I also really miss my Young Life kids. I have been able to see a lot of them in the past week or so and it makes me remember how much I enjoyed volunteering with them. They keep asking why I left them, which makes me feel good and bad at the same time. There is only one girl Young Life leader at the high school right now and I definitely see where I could come back and be a leader to fill a need. But deep down inside, I know that God has other plans for me right now.

Going to Asia also made me see another place I could be used in ministry. A big part of what we do there is English teaching and with my education background, I know I could bring a lot to the team. The people there right now are working hard but they could definitely use the help. I really like how relational the ministry is and I feel pretty comfortable being there. So yet again I can see where I would fill a need but know that this is not where God is calling me right now.

And so, despite the need in these other ministries and my ability to fill those needs, I feel called back to YWAM Maui at least through September. I am excited about this as I love the people in Maui, the work we do and oh yeah, it's kind of pretty. I know there is a place for me there and that I have gifts to contribute. It's just hard to know that there are other places and other ministry opportunities that I am passionate about and I just can't be in three places at once. Thankfully I trust that the Lord knows where I should be serving.
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