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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The bouquet toss

So I feel that randomness is abundant right now and there is likely more randomness to come before I leave Texas. Today's installment of randomness quarterly:
I was having dinner in Kemah (a collection of restaurants and out of place carnival rides and games next to the ocean) with some of my fun college friends. My friend, Sarah Thompson Musselman is pregnant so her bulging belly brought me endless amusement.

Anyway, we were sitting and minding our own business at our table outside when a party boat thing came by with a wedding party aboard. We could see a bride and groom and a few of their attendants. They slowed as they passed the restaurant. Then the bride just chunked her bouquet at some randome people at another table. She was way to far away and the bouquet fell into the ocean. The bride looked sad but she should have known she didn't have much of a throwing arm. So then she appears with another bouquet and the boat draws near to our table. She doesn't say anything to warn us. I guess she assumed a table full of girls would automatically swing into action. By the time we figured out what was going on, she had thrown the bouquet at us. It landed on the canopy above our table and slid into the ocean. This was definitely the first time I have had a random stranger/bride chunk her bouquet at me. If she had given me some warning, I could have sprung into action. I actually like catching those things but I was too confused to go for this one. Weird!

First a graveyard pick-up attempt and now a random bouquet toss. I can't wait for what tomorrow will bring.

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