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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Car Envy

This weekend was pretty good and relaxing. I was hoping for nothing but sunny skies but that didn't work out. It was rainy and sunny on and off. Often rain would start with no warning. Nice!

My roommate Jacki is buying a car tomorrow and lately I have really been wanting to get my car fixed. I have been unable to sell it so far. I guess a car that does not run is not in high demand. If I got it fixed, it would be easier to sell when I leave and I would get more $$. I am going to talk to some people about pricing. We'll see. I am just tired of hitchhiking everyday to get to the gym. Hitching isn't as bad when it is done in moderation.

Amy is doing this work trade thing where she works at a local boutique in exchange for clothes. We met her co-worker the other day and she is the epitome of new age. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it is basically someone who is searching for spiritual fulfillment in a variety of ways. The person may practice yoga and meditation. They make study Buddha and witchcraft. They often talk of karma and energy. They would likely say that whatever religion works for you is right. They don't see all the contradictions between their beliefs and the tenets of the major religions.

So, this co-worker of Amy's, Kristin- She was asking about what we do with YWAM and tried to say that what she was trying to do was very similar. She is trying to buy the property that most of our base was on before we moved because of a rent increase. She wants to create some sort of group that will go to other countries and spread loving feelings, good will, healings and meditation. We are currently allowed to use this basement room in the building as a prayer room. She said that she would turn that room into a "reading" room where there would be two people seperated by a curtain that gave readings. I was mildly offended by her nonchalantly suggesting that she would turn our prayer room into a psychic reading room. Not cool. It was mainly crazy to me to think that she sees no difference in what we are trying to do. I have a very hard time reasoning with New Age people because they are so quick to say that everything is okay and they don't use logic.

At church today there were a ton of kids. It feels like the church gets bigger everytime I go. There are a lot of brand-new Christians, which is cool. It seems like almost everyone from church is related. There is one lady at church who kind of bothers me. Her name is Catherine and she sometimes sings these long songs that she makes up in the middle of the service. She also speaks in tongues and keeps trying to make me and Amy pray so that we can do it too. I don't want to and no randomly singing lady can make me. Today she talked about healing and I simply did not agree. She said that if you are sick and people pray for you to get healed, you are healed automatically but sometimes you don't see results because you don't have enough faith. The fact that you still have symptoms is all in your head, because you have been healed. You just have to realize this fact. I don't agree at all. I think God promises healing but that may not happen this side of Heaven and He has his reasons for that. If you are not being healed from an ailment, it is not your fault. People don't die of cancer because they just don't believe hard enough. That is not true and not biblical.

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