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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Too much Dr. Pepper

I have caffeinated myself too much this evening and that is why I find myself writing in my blog at 3am. I thought about calling my Hawaii friends but even they might be asleep at this hour.

Yesterday I visited my old work, Soundwaves. I saw pretty much all the people I wanted to see. I also found out that I still get my discount even though it has been lowered from 45% to 35%. It was nice to be able to get it without sneaking around and having a friend buy my stuff. When I was shopping, I kept feeling like I needed to get back to work. It was a bit weird. I have considered working there if I come back from YWAM in a year to get a teaching job. The job wouldn't start until August so I would need something until then. Maybe Soundwaves. We'll see because that is a long way off.

I went to my friends, Sarah and John's new house. They have finally moved back to Texas and have settled in Pearland, which is apparently the new cool place to be. Their house was cool and bigger than I expected. They are officially real people. I on the other hand, am definitely not a real person right now. My dad would object to this kind of labeling so maybe I should say that my life is more unorthodox than theirs right now.

I watched part of the show Dog the Bounty Hunter today. It was funny because they were looking for a big Samoan guy wearing a grey shirt and black shorts. My friend, Terry is from the Cook islands, so he looks Samoan, he is big and always wears a grey shirt and black shorts. It turns out Dog the bounty hunter was not looking for my friend afterall, but it was a funny thought.

I have received some disturbing news that people in Maui are watching my boxsets without my permission. Normally I would not mind but certain YWAM people are not careful with stuff and things that get left in the living room get trashed. The worst part was that the offenders were watching my Season 2 of Arrested Development, which I have not even watched yet. Shady! I think Amy is going to regulate on them. She has my back.

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