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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hard decision: Surfing or Work?

Yesterday I skipped work and went surfing. Tuesday is a day that I do not have much to do so when my roommate asked if I wanted to go longboarding, I just had to go. We had a fun time. The waves were decent and I had not been in so long. I am thinking about selling my shortboard, which I suck at and putting that money towards getting a longboard with my friend, Ashley. We'll see. I have had little success selling my car so I don't know why I think I will be able to sell my surfboard.

Surfing yesterday was a good step towards me getting a better tan. I need to look dark when I come home. It is expected since I have been in Hawaii. I can't believe I come home in a week. I am so excited! I wish I could bring Amy home with me since I know I will miss her a lot. Oh well, it is only for three weeks.

It looks like I won't get to see Andrew after all. I even canceled my flight. There is still a chance I can still see him but I don't even know at this point. It is frustrating to me. I can only imagine how much more frustrating it must be for Andrew and Shella.

And Now... Two Hitchhiking Stories:

Amy and I hitchhiked to Wal-Mart yesterday. This is pretty much a standard thing. After Wal-Mart we went to the corner where we always hitch back to Paia. As we rounded the corner, we saw another hitchhiker. This is problematic when you are trying to get picked up. Amy and I have good luck at hitching because we are two girls. This makes us seem non-threatening/ vulnerable to women and ego-boosting to men. Amy also wears these tight lululemon work-out pants that I think help our chances a bit. So, this guy is trying to hitchhike right where we are. We tried to distance ourselves from him so as not to seem like we were with him. Then he walks over to us. He asks us to go to the Big K and buy him a thirty pack because he forgot his ID. I don't know what he wanted a thirty pack of but we knew we would not be going to be going to the Big K for him. Then the guy kind of stumbled into traffic. It was bizarre, for sure.

Earlier in the day, Ashley and I had been driving by the same corner I spoke of above. There was a 13year old kid trying to hitch with his skateboard. Ashley decided to pick him up, but he was walking and didn't see us so I rolled down the window and called out, "Hey buddy!" He totally didn't hear me. Then we saw a creepy old guy trying to hitchhike in front of the kid. We didn't want to have to pick up creepy guy too so we kept driving. But when I think about it, I must have looked like some sort of creepy pedaphile trying to lure this kid in my car. "Hey buddy!" Haha

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