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Monday, July 18, 2011

You know you’re in Asia when….

1.       You get really excited to see an MB (mole beard). It’s when someone has a mole on their face with oddly thick, long hair growing out of it. It’s like a cross between a mole and a beard. You get extra points if it’s a lady mole beard.
2.       You also get really excited when you go into a restroom and find a) a Western toilet, b) toilet paper and c) soap. KFC and McDonald’s are the best bet for these.
3.       You find yourself haggling in order to get a lower price on an already $2 item.
4.       You avoid looking at other foreigners.
5.       You let strangers take your picture.
6.       You don’t get that freaked out when a saleswoman touches your eyelashes.
7.       You think McDonald’s is too expensive.
8.       You meet people with names like Coco, Candy, South Fly, Big Bear, Biff, Gold and Magic.
9.       One Starbucks drink is the same price as a pair of shoes.
10.   You can buy tiger paws on the street as well as seahorses, snakes and Gucci handbags.

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