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Saturday, March 24, 2007

We were robbed

This morning I woke up to find that the window screen above our kitchen window was off. Also the bottles that reside on the window sill were moved and scattered about. One time I locked myself out and had to climb through the same window so I assumed that one of my roommates had done the same. Then I realized that both Holly and Jess's laptops were not in the living room like usual. After talking with them, we reaized that we had been robbed. Jess lost her laptop, though they left behind the power cord so it can't be used for long. Holly lost her laptop, iPod and about $15.

I feel so bad for them. None of my stuff was stolen. I'd always been wary of leaving my things in the living room since our house has large uncovered windows that give everyone who comes by a view of our living room.

Both Jess and Holly are having hard weeks so this especially sucks. Holly found out she has shingles, which is like gnarly painful chicken pox. Jess had to babysit some drunk co-workers last night and one puked in her car.

We called the cops and they came and dusted for fingerprints. I felt a little dumb for disturbing the crime scene. I have watched countless episodes of Law and Order so I certainly should have known better. I really hope Jess and Holly get their stuff back soon.

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