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Monday, March 19, 2007

Family Reunion

I leave in 9 days! Wow! I am no longer in the double digits. I know that it is not yet real to me because I only know how long I have left when I look at my watch. I don't have much of a mental countdown going. I have decided instead of hiding, that I will just make lots of plans with people up until I leave. I am having a trashy tv night at my house as well as an office party. (Not for people who work in the office but for people who want to watch "The Office" with me. It should be good times. I also have a going away party for another friend and a birthday party.

On Wednesday night we are having a fun event. We usually have ohana dinners once a month. Ohana is Hawaiian for family and the dinners usually involve a theme and special food. Our last one was Mexican-themed. I dressed up and I have to admit, I looked awesome! Check out the pics on my website. We had lots of fun eating flan, hitting a pinata and dancing. The Macarena contest got a little wild and a little loud. Our neighbors already hate the fact that 50 young adults moved in next door. We can no longer have ohana dinners at our house because we are afraid they will call the cops.

We decided to get around this by having a family reunion-themed ohana. We are having it at a park nearby. The staff and students will be divided into "families" and we will compete in some family reunion-type games. I am excited. I think we are going to wear matching shirts. It doesn't get much better than that, huh? It will be a fun chance for us all to hang out before the students (and me) leave a week later. I am hoping for a potato sack race.

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