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Friday, March 16, 2007

Sucks to Leaving

I am over this whole leaving thing. I have been feeling like I did when I graduated from college. For those of you who've been friends with me for awhile, you may remember how I wasn't too good at adjusting to that change either. It's not that I am not excited about my next step. I am just sad to leave this life. I am still having trouble socially. I still have to fight the urge to hide in my room, eat excessive amounts of sugar and watch episodes of The Office. I give in sometimes, but I have been hanging out with my friends a lot. I am now at the point where I need to start scheduling time to hang out with specific people or it's not going to happen. I was operating under the mistaken assumption that I could manage to spend time with all the important people by chance. I need to be purposeful with my limited time.

I am hoping to come back to Maui over next Thanksgiving break. I need to have an idea of when I will be back to make the leaving not as bad. I am also feeling torn between not wanting to leave and wanting to be home. I am a bit sad about not being home right now. My brother is home with the rest of my family and I feel like I am missing out. Luckily Andrew will be home for almost 2 more weeks when I get home before he goes back to Iraq. We didn't expect him to be home right now so it's a bonus no matter how much time I get.

In fun news, I went to a lingerie shower last night. I just love those things. It is a pretty funny concept when you think about it- girls giving their friend underwear and sexy lingerie. Sometimes it feels like the event is more for the perspective husband than the bride. Maybe next time I go to one, I should ask the husband what he would like. Except that could be a bit weird/awkward.

There is always a lot of blushing and giggling when the presents are revealed. I have never been to a non-Christian one of these but I can only imagine. Most of my friends have either never had sex or have at least never had sex with the guy they are marrying. This makes for some fun jokes. Last night the shower was for Sara Engler. I just love that girl. She got a lot of nice stuff. I usually try to go over the top with my gifts but the island has a very sparse selection. I only managed to find some edible pasties. Not up to my normal standard. I know when I get married, my friends will go over the top to pay me back for the scandalous gifts I gave them. I am a little scared!

This weekend I am going to try to get in some beach time as I am looking a bit pasty.

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