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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Goodbye Deodorant. You'll be sorely missed.

So, all the students are here and life is HECTIC! It is good but crazy. We have been to the airport SO MANY times! Yesterday was the second day of our airport marathon. The first day was not as bad but the second day was intense. We picked up 18 of our students at the airport in just a few days. At YWAM Maui, we like to play pranks on some of our students when they get here. They are already feeling awkward and insecure about who is going to pick her up at the airport and about coming out here. We didn't do pranks on all of them. At the end, we were just over it but here are the ones we did:

Josh got a inflatable shamu/ free willy type whale and pretended to be an incoming student. He "arrived" with the whale perched under his arm. We decided it would be the most funny if no one mentioned the whale. The poor student was just confused and never asked about it.

Josh also dressed as a eighties-esque ping pong champ student. I think he just liked wearing the short shorts. Ashley and I pulled off a pretty good prank. I dressed like a skater and acted depressed. Ashley dressed fancy and acted snobby. We pretended to be students and I just bashed Ashley the whole way, asking her if she was going to take her Louis Vitton bag on outreach and saying pretty much everything she did or said during the ride home was stupid. Our real student totally fell for it and kept opening her mouth in shock at my rude comments.

We also had Amy and Jess pretend to be work-out obsessed students who demanded to be taken to the gym upon "arrival to Maui." They started doing a work-out routine in the van on the way to the gym as well. The poor student in the van was very confused. Then Matt, Ashley and I became delirious from too many air port pick-ups and started acting almost drunk. It was pretty funny.

I am so over the airport right now. We did manage to make a little money by returning those airport carts for a quarter a piece. hey, we are missionaries. We've got to make any money we can.

Tonight is our big opening night where the students get leied, get snacks and are properly welcomed to the base. Then the students get a cruel surprise when they learn that they must wake up early and go on an unexpected camping trip. It is four days and three nights out in the woods. They can't bring much and will be wearing the same clothes for four days. This includes me. My biggest issue is no deodorant. I hate B.O. and I especially hate it when it is me and not some random hippie who has it. I am going to smear it all over my shirt in the morning so maybe it will last. Not likely, though. I am excited because Amy is going. I am also excited to see how the students handle this. I won't have my cell phone again until Wed, so don't think I hate you when I don't return your calls.

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