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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The number of students is increasing and my free time is decreasing

Today we picked up our first students from the airport. We actually already had two guys here but we have known them from before so the students that came today made it really feel like it is all starting. A YWAM Maui tradition is to play pranks on our unsuspecting students. They are already confused and a bit insecure when they get here so we like to capitalize on that fact.

Today we picked up one guy and had Matt wait on the road by the airport to play a hippie hitchhiker. He said his name was Zerg and spouted New Age beliefs. I didn't think it was that believable but the kid we picked up thought his act was real. Sucker!

Then we picked up a girl today and had Josh at the airport pretending to be a student as well. He appeared holding a large inflatable Free Willy/Shamu style inflatable whale. He acted slightly odd but the best part was that he said nothing of this random whale he supposed brought (fully inflated, mind you) from home. We didn't mention the whale either even as he was cramming it into the back of the van. At the end of the ride, we revealed his identity to the girl student. She had been so wierded out by this "fellow student" that she hadn't said a word to him on the ride to the base.

Today I really wanted to work out and I thought I had an appropriate time window. The girl's plane was delayed and I had a meeting at night so I didn't get to go. I am going to have to get use to this extreme decrease in free time. I may have to get up earlier (I know you are making shocked faces or are gasping in disbelief) to get my work out in. I am pretty much addicted to working out these days and I have few other options.

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