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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I told you so

My roommate here bought a car and kept putting off getting insurance. Amy and I think this is wrong and we have told her this but she won't get it. The other day she was driving down the street and someone hit her from behind. Since Jacki was driving illegally with no insurance and the other lady was here on an expired visa, they decided to each pay for their own damages. Pretty crappy, if you ask me. I want to say, "I told you so," but that's nice but I really did tell her so. And now despite the costly accident, she has still not gotten insurance. Not smart!

I have started DTS staff training. I really like it so far. It is me, Matt Laskey, Ashley Bacchara and Josh Cordy. Maria is our school leader. So far, it just feels like talking with friends. We are trying to get to know each other better. We are also beginning to pray for our students. We have been calling them to see how they are doing as well. I am very excited and I am expecting big things.

On a really sad note, my friend, Jane's dad died of a heart attack yesterday. That just hurts my heart. I found out shortly before my DTS leader meeting and I had to show up late because I couldn't stop crying. I looked at pics from Jane's wedding this summer and I have one of her parents and one of Jane and her dad. Looking at these did not help with the trying not to cry game. I definitely prefer a short illness, then death to sudden death. Sudden death is just so hard because of the shock value. Jane's dad was a strong Christian man so I know he's in heaven but this is still really sad. It hurts my heart. Please pray for her family.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Please send Jane my condolences, Elizabeth!! I am SO sorry to hear that.

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