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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I miss really sleeping in

I finished my first week of DTS staff training. It's mainly a lot of meetings but so far it hasn't been too bad. I looked some of the future students on Myspace to see if I could find out any dirt about them. No dirt yet, but still interesting. I can't wait to meet them! Maria told us to enjoy this weekend because it will probably be our last free one for awhile. I hope she is exaggerating. I do enjoy my free weekends.

I tried to sleep in today until 9am. Despite sleeping in Amy's room where the sun doesn't shine directly in my eye like in my room, I still woke up about 20 times before 9am. I refused to give up, though and get out of bed before 9. Here in Hawaii, the sun rises around 5:30 am and sets around 6:30pm. Because of this, it often feels earlier than it really is.

This morning we went to a baby shower for one of the wives on base- Jen. She will be the second of three YWAM wives to have a baby this year. We are definitely being blessed in the baby department. We played some baby shower games. This was only my second baby shower. I have been to a ton of wedding showers but not as many for babies. I won this game where you have to see how many clothes pins you can grab off the line with one hand. I don't know how this relates to babies but I won and that's all that matters, right? I got a lotion/body wash set.

Then this afternoon, I laid out at the beach. I have been trying to get more beach time since I won't live in paradise forever. Unless you count Texas as paradise.

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