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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now the students know I am going to Bangladesh with Matt

My free moments feel like gifts these days. I never know when to expect these free times and sometimes they are taken away from me when I do expect them. Last night, I had a long talk with a student, which is a great thing but it makes me tired the next day. Being DTS staff is more intense than I thought. I feel such a burden for these girls and I know it will be very hard for me if they don't succeed. God has given me a heart for them.

Today we announced who is on what team. I am excited that they finally know. It took longer to figure out teams than I thought it would. We had already tried to figure out between ourselves who we wanted on our team and I think that screwed me over. There was one girl I felt a connection with that I didn't get on my team. That was a bit disappointing. I know that I can still talk to her here and be there for her. I am excited to get to know my six girls and let them get to know me.

My friend, Katie, comes tonight. I am excited but I am nervous about finding enough time to spend with her. She is pretty laidback and she's renting a car so it should be good. She likes to work-out and so does Amy so they can be buddies.

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