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Friday, June 16, 2006

I love baptisms!

Yesterday we had baptisms at the beach for the students who wanted to. Some had been baptized as children or infants and wanted to recommit. A few were being baptized for the first time. I have recently started becoming emotional about spiritual experiences. An example is when our student's dad became a Christian and we were supposed to cheer. All I could do was cry.

Matt and I were supposed to go out in the water with the students from our team who wanted to be baptized. Our speaker for the week, Waxer, is a pastor and he did the actual baptizing. It was cool because he had the students tell how they know they are a Christian and then say a short prayer. I felt lucky to be a part of it. One of our students can be pretty stubborn at times. I, too, can be very stubborn so I can relate. Anyway, his prayer was so sweet and sincere that it made me cry.

Ashley and I went out in the water for Tammy, one of our mission builders. We came along with her husband. She only recently became a Christian. Even when we were walking out there, Ashley and I both started tearing up. Her prayer was so beautiful and sincere.

The funny part of the whole thing was that the waves kept getting bigger as we were out there. People were getting kind of "pre-baptized" by the waves. Overall, it was a beautiful day!

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