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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Down-low

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. This blog entry will focus on Christmas with my family in Colorado.

It was cold! I wanted to die every time I stepped outside. I really have no tolerance for cold weather after living in Texas and Hawaii. I am a big baby.

Shella and Andrew are renting a big house so there was plenty of room for the fam. They even have a basement. I have now been in several basements but they never cease to amaze me. We don't have basements in Houston.

We did a lot of shopping and chilling. It was cool to have the whole family together again. We exchanged gag gifts and I gave Celine Dion perfume. My brother traded for it and promptly sprayed it on us. How sweet!

Andrew got a blu-ray player and an enormous HD tv. It's like being at the movie theater. I got a wii for Christmas so we played that a lot. My mom actually beat my dad at tennis. It was pretty epic. She has never beat him at any sport- real or virtual. I got a lot of wii accessories for Christmas. I now have three controllers and four games. If you haven't played a wii, you need to come over. Those things are so fun!

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