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Friday, January 25, 2008

Belated Birthday Blog

So, my birthday was more than a week ago but I thought my blog readers (whoever you may be) would like to know how the big shebang went down.

The kids at school told me, "Happy Birthday" about every five minutes. I got several gifts from them: a big fleece UT blanket, a Dr. Suess book with stuffed animal from story, a fake crystal bowl(they know my taste so well!), a $20 Target gift card- Yay, and a Betty Bop doll a kid won from a crane machine. Betty had a jewelry box taped to her that held a very grandma-ish rose broach. I obviously put on the broach immediately. It was worth it to look silly and make a kid's day.

I left school as soon as possible and took a nice birthday nap. Then I met people at Chuy's. My birthday guests were John, Sarah, Thama, Katie H, Jane and later James. Sarah got me "The Idiot's Guide to Dating." This was a result of my laments over not understanding all the ways of dating. (See earlier blog.) A nearby waiter put out the creep vibe by asking me why I needed that book. He said dating was easy. What a weirdo to comment on my loser-ish dating book. A polite person does not mention such things. Then at the end of the meal he came by to ask where the book was. I think he was actually trying to hit on me using the dating book as some sort of misguided segway. It sure didn't work. Maybe he should read the book.

We then went back to my house for cookie cake and funfetti cake. A dream come true! Oh yeah, and I forgot the part where Katie made me breakfast in bed. I didn't tell anyone at school that for fear that saying "My roommate made me breakfast in bed," would make me sound like a lesbian in denial. In reality, it was a super-nice gesture with nothing lesbian about it. Now I need to go to sleep so I will have patience for tutorials tomorrow. It is very hard to have a good attitude when you are forced to do tutorials on Saturdays against your will. And this is definitely against my will!

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