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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Washing a fellow Texan's feet

It's been a little while since I last wrote. This was the students' first week here. They have been super-busy and so have we. We had a mini-crisis on Tuesday morning when the DTS leader wanted to change the date of Love Feast. Love Feast is when the students come back from their two-night camping trip. They sleep outside under tarps, can't change clothes and don't wear deodorant. They only get to eat oatmeal and Ramen. Then when the students cannot take anymore, we bring them to Love Feast. The staff deccorates this church and dresses up nice. We cook all this good food and have a fancy dinner. Then we wash the students' grimey feet. It is a great feeling for the students and really symbolizes how Christ's love cleanses us.

There is so much that goes into this so the DTS director calling the day of to try to change it, is crazy. People were flipping out. We ended up keeping it as scheduled but this was only after several staff members resorted to tears. In the end, it turned out great! I washed a girl named Dinah's feet who is from Dallas. I made sure I got the Texan.

This weekend Amy and I worked out a lot. We are trying to be dilligent. We weren't so good during the week because I kept feeling sick. I got a migraine and my lymph nodes in my armpits are swollen. This means I have some sort of infection but my only real symptoms seem to be the fact that I have been irritable and borderline bitchy. Fun times for my housemates. Amy and I have also watched a lot of Lost. Man, that is a good show. We even downloaded the first ten episodes of season two so we could catch up. It's just so good and suspenseful.

Amy is having a hard time. She has been dating a guy from Canada and they were really serious. Now, being long-distance has taken its toll on him and they have broken up. This is not a fun time for Amy since she still loves him. There is still a chance they may get back together later in life but that is a hard place to be in. I know from experience. I think this means she and I will be working out even more. When I come home in March, I will be so buff, that is if I can resist YWAM's overabundance of baked goods.

Today I went to the church I will be taking students to this quarter. It is interesting. The worship team includes a guy with a mullet who is also a millionaire. It is a shame he is married and 20 years older than me. Today there was a guest speaker lady who did a healing service for people. It was a come to the front of the church, lay hands type of thing. I know God can heal like that but it is a little showy for me. I prefer more low-key healings but that is just a comfort zone issue. My students were a bit weirded out but I heard that this was unusual for this church.

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