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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Let's get this wedding started!

This week Amy and I have been really good about working out. If we keep up the good work, when I visit in March, no one will even recognize me. Ok, maybe not but working out does make me feel better about myself.

Last night Sherry (my roommate) picked up two of her bridesmaids at the airport. It was nice to finally meet them since I had heard so much about them. They seem really fun. The room Sherry and I share has gotten pretty crowded with the addition of the two of them as well as Liz Wilkes, a friend from my DTS who came in today for Sherry and Jono's wedding. Tonight I am sleeping in Amy and Jess's room since we have to get up early for church tomorrow and the other girls in my room don't.

I am interested to see how my church goes tomorrow. Last week we had a guest speaker lady who did a bunch of healings. I don't know yet what a normal service is. I'll keep you posted.

Tonight a bunch of us girls went to this place called Mulligan's. Everyone talks about how much they love the place. I wasn't very impressed. It is really fancy. I pictured this quaint little Irish pub but it was not. I did have a lovely $8 apple pie. It was expensive but delicious.

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