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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sherry and Jono's wedding day

Today is Sherry and Jonathan's wedding day! They will be Mr. and Mrs. Craig. How crazy is that! Sherry and Jono met during my DTS so it is so much fun that they are getting married now. Yesterday they had their rehearsal dinner. They invited me and Gena along with the usual-wedding party, family and out of town guests. It was really fun and a good chance to spend time with Sherry before the wedding. I also got to hang out with her bridesmaids again, who I really like. There were a large number of people from my DTS there. Pretty cool. Sherry, Jonathan, Michael Berman, Liz Wilkes, Cherish, Misti, Abbey, Ryan Hagler, and me and Gena. It was like a DTS reunion.

Despite all the pre-wedding fun, life has been pretty hectic and sometimes frustrating this past week. Because my car does not work and my DTS friends are in town, we decided to rent a car for the weekend. It is exciting to be able to do that now with no extra charge since I recently turned 25. Renting a car is one of the only things you can do at 25 that you can't do at 24. I felt very mature and sophisticated. Amy came to the counter with me to ask about upgrades. The lady said it would be $10 more a day. I told her that was too much. There was some witty banter between us and the woman at the counter as we finished all the rental biznass. We were supposed to get a Dodge Neon. She gave us keys and we walked to the parking spot indicated on the rental form. It was not a Dodge neon but a convertible PT cruiser. PT cruisers are funny because they are kind of a mid-life crisis car. It is even funnier because it is a convertible. It is also bright blue. We look really funny in it.

There was some unnecessary drama about who could drive it. It was something we really should have talked about beforehand but we didn't. I assumed that I would be driving always since it was my name on the rental agreement and no one else was authorized to drive. The girls thought anyone should be allowed to drive it. Having a lawyer for a dad, I knew he would kill me if someone else drove it and something happened. I cannot afford to have someone in debt to me for thousands of dollars. This is the worst case scenario, obviously but it could happen. The girls ended up paying $30 to have one of them put on the driver's list for one of the days. This was fine with me because now her name was on the rental agreement. Overall the whole situation was annoying though I could totally understand their point of view. It definitely caused some tension in what should have been a great reunion.

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