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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Housing Japanese Business Men

I have not been working quite as much as usual lately. One of my DTS friends is in town and two more will be coming on Thursday. I have been taking half a day off and working for half the day. Amy and I have been work-out junkies. We have been consistently going to the gym about 5 or 6 times a week. This is quite the feat since we are hitchhiking on most of our trips. Yesterday we had to hitchhike in the rain. This is not my favorite thing and if Amy wasn't so darn persuasive then I definitely would have skipped the gym yesterday. I have yet to notice a huge difference in my body. I think my calves are getting more muscular, which is the last thing I want to become more muscular as they are already border-line frightening. I am also trying to eat better, which means not gorging myself on every baked good I see. After Jono and Sherry's wedding, I plan to give up baked goods that include chocolate. They are having a chocolate fountain and it would be torture not to partake. I am also making an exception for this delectable Skor bar thing that Amy's mom makes. I am banking on Amy bringing some back for me when she goes home this next week.

I fear I will have Amy withdrawals when she is gone. We hang out so much that it will be really weird to not have her around. It is only for nine days so I am sure I will survive. I plan on getting my bike fixed soon so I can still exercise without going to the gym.

I hate Apple right now. I know this may hurt the feelings of some of my Apple-loving friends. I have had my IPOD mini for less than a year and the battery really sucks. I can charge it for hours and then it will say low battery and not work. I went on Apple's confusing unuser-friendly website and ordered a box to send it back to Apple. This stupid box cost me $30. I thought that would be no big deal if it resulted in a restored IPOD or even a new IPOD. Then Apple sent me an email that essentially said, "You are very unintelligent and your IPOD works just fine so we are doing nothing, SUCKER!" Those weren't their exact words but I know that is what they were implying. So, this means I paid $30 for my IPOD to go on a little vacation. So lame! I can't afford to essentially throw $30 away. UGH! I wish IPODS weren't so darn handy. I feel like I am just at Apple's mercy. I will say now that I will not be buying one of their computers anytime soon. At least Dell let me have an email chat with a man named Mahesh, who actually helped me.

Sherry has moved out of my room to go stay at the villa where she and Jono are getting married. It is sad to have her leave but at least they will be returning to the island for awhile after their honeymoon. I have already moved down from my top bunk to more prime real estate, her old bed. It is abnormally high with enough storage space to house at least four Japanese business men. Kramer made some money doing that on Seinfeld. Maybe I can do that to make a little side money. Then again, hiding Japanese business men under your bed is probably frowned upon at YWAM Maui. I will post some pics of the new living situation on my website. My new roommate will be Ashley. I think we will get along well except that she is a light sleeper and I talk in my sleep. Oh well, I enjoy an audience.

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Anonymous said...

next time you are in h-town i will rig you up a sweet d-cell kit for your ipod and they will last for probably a year or more of continuous operation. i had a radio with this setup for 2.5 years and the batteries were still good when the radio crapped out.

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