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Monday, April 23, 2007

Wedding Number 7

I was in my seventh wedding this weekend. Abbey and Wil are two of my friends from Maui and they got married in Toronto. I got to hang out with some of my favorite YWAM friends, including my YWAM best pal, Amy. It was awesome!

Wil and Abbey were only engaged seven weeks before the wedding so there was definitely a bit of last minute scrambling to get everything done. Amy, Kristy and I ran around the mall with Abbey's mom and niece to find a mother of the bride dress the day before the wedding. It looked bleak at first but we found something she really liked and she looked great.

We made little bouquets and butonaires (who actually knows how to spell that?) for the bride and groom's parents about five minutes before we left for the ceremony. It all came together just fine.

The ceremony was nice but it made me aware of my shrinking attention span. I found myself poking the flower girl in the head with my bouquet to annoy her. Then she started dropping flowers on my shoes. At this point I realized I should probably stop egging the eight year-old on during this very important event. The flower girl was Abbey's niece and one of the coolest eight year-olds I have ever met. And I have met a lot of eight year-olds. She was simply hilarious.

From my vantage point neither Abbey nor Wil cried, but they both seemed pretty nervous. They were both swaying during the ceremony and it looked a bit like dancing. Wil's face turned red several times and Abbey was clearly giggling. It was cute. One of the groomsmen got in a minor car accident on the way to the ceremony. His wife had back surgery in the past so they had to take her to the hospital to get checked out. It was a shame because he missed the whole thing. Amy and Bethany walked together with the last groomsmen on the way out.

With all the last-minute scrambling, we were more than a little shocked to show up to the super-fancy reception. It was held in a hotel on the 38th floor and the view of Toronto was awesome. There were at least 5 courses and I couldn't identify any of the foods on the first plate I was served. Now that's fancy!

And now Wil and Abbey are living happily ever after. And not to be graphic but after 30 long years of waiting, Wil gets to have sex. As Christians, I feel we need to be more open about celebrating people's celibacy. It's not easy to save yourself for marriage in this day and age so Way to go will! It also makes for better jokes at the wedding and reception. I look forward to that part of my wedding as well.

Check out the pics from the wedding:

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