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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sucks to school, hooray for Young Life

I just love Young Life. Yesterday I went to a basketball game for some of my Young Life girls. I am glad I went because it turned out to be their last game and therefore my last chance to use my "D-Fence" in a logical way.

Luckily it was a home game. This made it easy to find someone to hold my fence. It is really done best as a two-man job. A kid I know named Jarvis was my fence man this time. He is the kind of kid who is not ashamed to yell "fence" with gusto. But despite our best efforts, the team lost by almost 30. I considered that n improvement from the game I watched where they lost by 50 to this same team.

Last week I missed Young Life because I was sick. I didn't realize how much I missed it until I came back. I feel like school piles weights on my shoulders and Young Life takes the weight off. I think it's technically Jesus that takes it off. Anyway, instead of feeling more tired after teaching all day and then being a Young Life leader at night, I feel energized and rejuventated.

I don't know what this means. Maybe I was spoiled at YWAM by my incredible boss-type people. The regular world is tough. I wonder often if teaching is for me. It's a big time-consuming job. I really feel I need to try a new school before I make my final decision. 90% of my issues with the current job surround one person so I would like to see what teaching is like without that person. Lately I have been leaning towards getting a master's in school counseling. I am so tired of the hype surrounding our state's standardized test, the TAKS test. I HATE IT! I think you get to bypass most of that as a counselor and hang out and care about kids. That's the part I like best about teaching. I missed the deadline to enroll for next year's masters program. I guess that's a sign I should think about it more. So, those of you who pray, pray that I figure out what I am really supposed to do.

Also pray that I can go to my YWAM best friend, Amy's wedding. I am meeting some resistance even though I am in it. Pray that everything works out. I would be devastated to have to miss such an important day. Also I paid a lot of money for the bridesmaid dress and I have no foreseeable balls to attend in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm a teacher & YL leader, too and it's encouraging to read thoughts from someone in the same situation.

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