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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My eighth bridesmaid gig

I have been meaning to write about Amy's wedding all week but I have been a bit of a slacker. Well, I am finally getting with the program after watching the movie, 27 Dresses, tonight. I definitely had some things in common with the main character. We even had the same fav part of a wedding- the groom's face when he sees the bride. I think this is just natural when you spend all day getting ready with the bride. You really just want to see what he thinks of the whole thing. I especially love it when they cry those subtle manly tears. Matt Laskey was classic!

One interesting thing about the movie was that the guy she ends up with is an actor I had a huge crush on as a teenager. So, if the bridesmaid chick is me, then I end up with a hottie!!

Now to real weddings- Amy's. It was so great to get to hang out in Canada with Amy and her fam. I really love those people. I wish I had been able to come earlier but it was hard enough to get permission to miss two days.

Thursday night was the bachelorette party hosted by Amy's sister, Lindsay. It was quite the phallic fiesta. I think a bachelorette party is just more fun when the couple is waiting until their honeymoon to have sex for the first time. Lindsay made an incredible chocolate cake topped with a naked Barbie and Ken who slightly resembled Amy and Shawn. There were rice krispie treats that spelled out "SEX." There were also some strange penis-shaped cupcakes. We played pin the penis on Spiderman and drew penises on paper plates. Good clean fun! There were even penis straws. A funny thing happened with the penis straws. I put one in my purse and forgot about it. The next day, Amy's brother, Ryan was looking for a pen to sign the check for pizzas. Apparently he zoned in on my purse as a potential pen holder. He grabs what he thinks is a pen and tries to sign for the pizza with a penis straw. Awkward! That will teach him to dig through my purse!!

On Friday, we attempted to sleep in. We ended up helping to set up the reception area and sanctuary at the church. After Bethany and Matt's wedding, I am an expert at putting chair covers on chairs. Luckily there were a lot of other people around helping. We soon tired and went back to Amy's house for a nap. That night we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at a family friend's house that was huge and cavernous. There was even a part that closely resembled a dungeon. My friend, Kristy from Maui was there and we had fun taking pics in the cavern. The food was incredible. I couldn't get enough of it.

Amy gave the four bridesmaids photo albums and lululemon gear. For those of you who are not Canadian or unfamiliar with 80% of Amy's wardrobe, lululemon is a trendy Canadian yoga clothing line. I feel cooler now that I own more lululemon gear.

We went back to Amy's and hung out a bit and went to bed. It snowed a little that night. This made the snow on the ground look a little nicer. In the morning we went to get our hair done. I had a picture of what I wanted but the lady informed me that she did not know how to do cornrows. I don't think Canadians understand black people because the picture of the hairstyle did not closely resemble corn rows. Oh well.

After the hair, we went back to Amy's to finish getting ready. I am getting tired right now. I will have to continue this tomorrow.

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