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Friday, November 18, 2005

What is a garberator?

I am around Canadians quite a bit here at YWAM Maui. For the most part, they seem just like Americans. I am always a bit confused when they start referring to kilometers, liters and Celsius. The other day we were playing Loaded Questions and someone’s answer included the word- garberator. Apparently this is what Canadians call trash compactors. Weird!

Last night my basketball team, the Born Again Ballers won another game. Whoohoo! We start the tournament on Monday and I think we have a real chance. I am talking with two of my teammates about having a basketball boomerang. A boomerang is when our base goes back to a country we have been to in order to do another outreach. There is usually a short training time before hand. We are going to be praying about going to the Philippines.

Last night after basketball, the power went out in our whole town. It was pretty crazy. I ended up taking a shower at the other girls’ staff house. Our shower is outside our house and the night before I had taken a cold shower with two uninvited roach guests. The other girls’ shower was so much nicer even by candlelight. It will be hard to return to my shower. My house is the cooler girls’ house except for the shower part.

Today the team who just returned from Borneo spoke about their experiences. It was so good to hear about what happened there. They had so many amazing stories of miracles, healings and people coming to the Lord. It was intense. I hope the next Borneo team has as good of an experience.

I am putting my car up for sale. I still don’t know what God wants for my car situation. I feel a peace about it like something big is going to happen. I don’t know what. I know the peace is from the Lord because having peace about no car is not my style. It is more my style to try and get instant gratification and buy a new car right away. I am confident God is asking me to wait.

Please pray for my brother. He is having a hard time in the army at Ranger School.


Anonymous said...

you can try to sell your car on craigslist or something. i think its a 4x4 so somebody might buy it to build into an offroad monster (i dont know if hawaiians do that but they must have some rednecks there). unfortunately most of those types prefer manual transmissions.

do you know what kind of engine it has? if its a 302 v8 it will be in high demand.

Liz "Hot Stuff" Hightower said...

I am taking out an ad in the local paper. I hope it works. I wish Maui had its own craigslist. I love that thing but Hawaii only has a Honolulu page and it barely ever mentions Maui. And don't worry we do have some Hawaiian rednecks

Anonymous said...

too bad its not here you could probably sell it to larry and willie. larry is trying to build a fast electric car which won't even need a transmission at all. a suv makes sense because it will need to have the back filled up with batteries.

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