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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Transvestites are strong

Yesterday Gena and I went shopping for housing stuff all morning. It was tiring but we got all the stuff at the ten different stores that we needed to buy. We used some of our garage sale money to buy a mattress. This is not fully our department's responsibility. We usually do not even have enough money to make this an option. One of my Housing DTS students has lost two mattresses already. The first was infested with bed bugs and the second had mold. She was sleeping on an inflatable mattress. We found the cheapest new mattress on island for $149. She was super-excited about having a real mattress. It did not seem to matter to her that the mattress was covered with three prints of fabric: two mismatched floral and one American flags. Talk about classy!

I had the afternoon off and just chilled. I was feeling a bit sick but I could not put a finger on what exactly was wrong. I got to talk to Emily Ray, which was very good. We mainly talked about our number one complaints right now: her shortage of quality friends and my car being out of commission. No fun but good to talk/commiserate.

We had our final volleyball game before the tournament. We lost which I am almost positive means we are in last place. This would mean we play the first place team in the tournament. This means we probably only have one game left. This last game we played decently but the other team had an amazing player that we couldn't contain. He/She was definitely a transvestite. Thankfully (s)he played by the more restrictive guy rules. If (s)he had been allowed to spike from the front row, one of us may have been decapitated. Seriously!

After volleyball, I went over to the place Amy's mom is renting to take a shower and sleep in a non-YWAM bed. The two-faucet shower is amazing! In the morning when we woke up, Amy's neck was throbbing. She felt too bad to go to work. I felt fine and planned on being at work when it was time for the students to come. Then I was suddenly sidelined with a quick-onset of explsive diarreah. Not fun at all. I spent the next hour running to and from the bathroom in five minute intervals. After the eruption subsided, I felt weak and afraid to eat possibly ever. Amy and I basically spent all day laying on a futon and watching cable. I am going stir-crazy at this point. I think my stomach is no longer trying to wage war on my bowels. Tomorrow should be a better day. It better be since I am scheduled to have lunch with a lady from my church. Free food. My stomach better not plot against me.

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