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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thoughts on Feminist Theory

I am currently in a Counseling Theories class. The point of the class is to give us an overall picture of some of the most widely-accepted counseling theories from Freud and beyond. Our professor encourages us to find the parts of each theory that we like the best to use later when we are counselors. Some theories I definitely identify more with than others. So far, I am most interested in Reality therapy and Cognitive Behavior therapy, though I have a lot to learn.

We recently learned about Feminist therapy. This is a theory I do not like very much. I am not saying it is not without merit but it does not fit with how I see the world. The therapy attempts to eradicate traditional gender roles and blames much of society's problems on them. I am not saying that men haven't oppressed women and there might not be room for change. What I have a problem with is the idea of trying to get rid of gender roles. Personally I believe God made man and woman different but equal. Regardless of your beliefs about why we are that way, it seems ludicrous to me to believe that men and women are the same or are interchangeable.

Here are some situations where I would prefer a man:
Moving heavy things
Driving (esp. backing out of a tight space)
Packing a car
Fixing just about anything
General protection

Here are some situations where I would prefer a woman:
Talking about my feelings
Caring for kids

I am not saying that men can't do some of the women things I've listed and that women can't do some of the men things. I am just saying that most men are better than most women at the first list and most women are better than most men at the second list. I mean, my friend, Sarah Morgan O'Bryan picked up a couch and moved it all by herself and my cousin, Roy has decorated his house quite well. I like that men and women are different. If men were just like women, I probably wouldn't be attracted to them. I think when men and women do what they are best at, it actually provides more freedom, not the oppression that feminist theory purports. We are equal but different and for that I am thankful. As you can see, I will not be becoming a feminist therapist anytime in the near future.

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